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2013-01-08, 09:15 PM
Hello all.

New user here. I've at least been lurking long enough to (a) like everyone here and (b) have exhausted the notable threads sticky post in the roleplaying games section. Seeing as it hasn't been updated in a little while, there must have been a few more recent memorable post/threads/quotes/hilarity/cookie-worthy inspiration over the last year?

So if you can indulge a new user in seeing what I've missed, do you have a personal "best-of GitP" list for the last year? :smallredface:

My personal vote goes to Kaveman26's excellent campaign logs. (Which if you're reading this Kaveman26: you're awesome!).

2013-01-10, 05:20 AM
I could be wrong, but I think the notable threads sticky is more for "useful threads," than nessicarily "awesome threads."

Ok, after rechecking the sticky, I see that's not entirely true.

Still, the sticky itself does offer a solution: PM Moderator Mark Hall with your suggestions for additions.

I'm impressed by the "Random World-Building Questions," thread, myself.