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2013-01-12, 11:21 PM
So in my current campaign(dnd 3.5) I have been charged with creating a prestige class for my dwarf(who is a walking time paradox, long story) Anyway! more than 1,000 years after Malachite the Pariahs death Psionic mountain dwarfs have taken to honoring him by taking up the title of "Stone Nomad" which from a normal dwarves perspective is a sin against the family aspect of dwarven life.

Now for some ideas I have:

*New spells dealing with stone control stone(more potent flesh to stone or stone to mud spells)

*Supernatural abilities involving stone control(by feet. they create doors with touch in mountain sides)

*Psionic abilities with stones(create stone, stone mind[resist mind affects]

2013-01-13, 05:21 AM
If you can give me some basic information on what it is you want the class to be about, I can probably work something out for you. Is it a warrior, a priest, a mage? Some combination of more more than one type? Can you give me a description of who the character is, why they are deserving of this specialized prestige class within the game.

What are their overarching goals etc? Are you a dwarf straight from the PHB or one of the subraces that were printed in the various splats? Are you rather typical for a dwarf or are you more of a pariah?

The more information you can give the more appropriate I can try to tailor the class.