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2013-01-13, 01:48 PM
The world's premier secret institute has been attacked and dismantled by sinister forces. Now it's time for Adrian Andrews to hit the road again, his ancient spirit head-roomate Magus with him... And Eric?

Oh boy. They're in trouble.

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2013-01-13, 02:31 PM
Name: Eric Sanders

Background: For most of his life Eric has lived within the institute, his only company the doctors who treat him day in and day out. For years he has attempted to make a friend but every time they leave with one reason or another. Moving on. Too busy. You name it they have probably said it to him. But their their reasons are just excuses or straight out lies, they all leave because of the secrets hidden deep within him. Secrets everyone can glimpse at from time to time but Eric.

+2 Good-Mechanical
+2 Good-Guitar
+2 Good-Dog Companion-"Moon"- White Female Husky
+2 Good-Kindhearted
+2 Good-Bookworm
-2 Poor-Easily Overwhelmed

Origin:Originally a mutant before he was on the receving end one night of a most horrible experiment.

+2 Good- Telekinesis
+2 Good- Laser eyes (Unown to Eric thusfar)
+2 Good- Chaos

Hero Points:

Codename: None for Eric

Uniform: Sorry no formal uniforms this time.

Motivation: Eric- To stay alive

Miscellany:Eric is blind but can derive a base sight from the telekinetic powers, uses cane to focus said sight.

Name: Chaos

Background:Chaos was the result of a horrid experiment done to Eric. He is a completely different individual from Eric who shares Eric's body. Mentally, they're are completely locked out from one another. Chaos has taken it upon himself over the years to be Eric's protector, which sometimes results in terrible destruction because of his temper. The doctors at the institute were trying really hard to get though to him but to no avail. Now free from the cofines of the institute Chaos wants vengeance against those who did this to them.

+2 good-Protective
+2 good-Nature Lover
+2 good-Loyal
+2 good-Determined
-2 poor-Temper

+2 good-Superstrength

Origin:Result of the horrid experiment on Eric.

Hero Points: 5/10


Uniform:Not this time

Motivation: Vengeance

Miscellany: Chaos can only be called forth by emotional stress, physical stress, and intense pain. Burning rosemary is a way to bring Eric back.

2013-01-17, 12:25 PM
Adrian Andrews, Host of Magus

Something of a mystery -- Adrian's memory is spotty in places, and much of his early childhood is lost. He wound up in some orphanages, got adopted by the Andrews, lost a chunk of memory, travelled with some more circuses as a fortune-teller, lost a chunk here or there, got an ID and a GED, takes some online university classes... Along the way, he found the amulet that contained Magus, and entered a compact to use him to help alter a vision of a dangerous future event. Recently joined the institute -- they don't know about Magus.

Origin A mysterious waif who wields the power of an ancient spirit he found. His true origins are a mystery.

Expert [+4] Well-Travelled.
Good [+2] Showman
Good [+2] Charming
Good [+2] Wise
Poor [-2] Isolated

Good [+2] Precognition.
Limitation: Enters oracular trances at random (and for anything more specific or far-away than hunches and premonitions), memory losses may occur, temporarily or permanently.

Expert [+4] Alter-Ego Magus

Magus, Spirit-Thing Posessing Adrian Andrews [Super-Sidekick Meta Power]

Background: A mysterious entity, seemingly ancient, bound to a pendant, and forced to possess and obey a master to act.

Master [+6] Loremaster

Expert [+4] Magic meta-power
This meta-power denotes general spellcasting and sorcery, provided the existance of magic circles (Magus/Adrian generally has a few basic ones on slips of paper on his person) or other spell-like steps and ingredients.
Vulnerability: Cold Iron
Limitation: Requires time for complicated spells.

Motivation: Magus's motivation is to follow Adrian's wishes, so they both use "Protect people from magical threats."

Uniform: When you're not looking, Magus tends to acquire a dark cloak, with an internal pattern that varies.

Hero Points/MAX

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And for the telekinesis:




2013-02-21, 11:36 AM
Chaos is going to attempt to knock the guy over with his tail.


2013-03-01, 10:18 PM
For the man's dodge. He is a darn lucky mook.

2013-03-29, 09:10 PM
Telekinesis go!!


2013-04-08, 06:44 PM
Man holding onto a gun:

2013-06-25, 03:20 PM
Tele-lifting Moon!


2013-06-25, 05:34 PM
Looks like it works. Can I use well-travelled for my roll, since Adrian's probably climbed a lot of fences in his role as oracle hobo?

2013-06-25, 09:32 PM
Yay it works and yeah sure.

2013-06-26, 07:00 AM
Well, let's see then...