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2013-01-13, 06:21 PM
When first located, this set of items looks like nothing more than a dull butcher's knife seemingly made out of lead, a dented, worn belt flask, suitable for drinking alcohol from, and a dented, nonfunctional stop watch.

And then someone wears them, and they notice how... useful they are.

Entirely Sure Knife: This Minor Artifact takes the form of a dull butcher's knife, seemingly made from lead, with the name "Eric" etched onto it with some form of acid. When wielded by anyone proficient in the use of daggers, they feel the urge to toss it lightly from hand to hand, and will swear that the blade becomes sharper and more reflective the longer they look at it.

The Entirely Sure Knife is a +1 Heavy Aurorum Dagger with four additional abilities, that cannot be detected without wielding the weapon and experiencing them first-hand.

Firstly, it can be shifted to become a +1 Heavy Punch-Dagger as a Free action that may be taken at any time.

Secondly, the Entirely Sure Knife is immune to any effect that would automatically destroy it, though it can be damaged through normal means; if it is destroyed, it regains its artifact abilities if it is reassembled.

Thirdly, the Entirely Sure Knife is absolutely immune to any effect that would prevent it from either striking another creature or from damaging that creature in a permanent manner. While it can still miss due to another creature's AC being to high to hit, it entirely ignores all forms of Miss Chance and Cover, including Total Cover, and any ability that would cause the attack to automatically miss.

When it hits, it always deals lethal damage to whatever it manages to connect with, and ignores any damage reduction or hardness that a creature may have.

The damage inflicted by the Entirely Sure Knife persists even if events would transpire that would prevent the attack from ever occurring; if some form of temporal manipulation (or similar effect) would cause the attack to never occur, the damage from the attack would still occur, wounds simply opening on that creature at the proper time.

Finally, any creature within the reach of a creature wielding the Entirely Sure Knife cannot reroll d20 rolls, and loses any Luck bonuses or penalties that they might have.

Always Correct Watch: This Minor Artifact is seems to be a pocket-watch with no internal mechanisms, with a cracked lens showing an unmoving watch face, with the second hand showing that it was stopped just one second before midnight; the back has the name "Eric" etched into it with some form of acid. Any creature that picks it up reports constantly expecting the second hand to tick forward, regardless of their foreknowledge about the state of the watch.

The Always Correct Watch has four abilities, which cannot be detected through any means except by directly experiencing or observing their effects.

Firstly, the person carrying the watch has an automatic, total knowledge of what time it is, how much time has elapsed in the since an event within the last 8 hours, and the exact time on the material plane.

Secondly, the Always Correct Watch is itself immune to damage; if it would be damaged, it reverses time back to the moment before the final decision was made to damage it (i.e., the attack roll was made, or it was thrown out of a window), until that decision is simply not made (the creature who was about to destroy it second-guessed itself, decided not to, or in the case of processes that would damage it without input from outside forces, they by chance simply don't damage it).

Thirdly, any creature who carries the Always Correct Watch is always exactly on time for any event that they mean to go to; they are continuously under the effects of an extraordinary Synchronicity (http://www.d20resources.com/arcana.d20.srd/spells/synchonicity.php) effect, with the addition that their own actions are sabotaged if they would cause them to get there early or late.

Lastly, any creature who carries the Always Correct Watch can make attacks of opportunity at the precisely correct moment; this allows them to make attacks of opportunity against creatures that are under effects equivalent to a Time Stop spell, and any creature targeted by an attack of opportunity from the carrier is always Flat-Footed, as their blade is in the exact spot needed to tickle the kidneys of the creature trying to dodge.

Never Thirsty Liquid: At first glance, this flask seems to be absolutely dry inside; perhaps there are a few spider-webs in there, but at the very least, there is a thin layer of dust. On the outside, in scrawled on a piece of parchment adhered to it in odd handwriting, is the name "Eric". To anyone that holds it to their lips, they would swear it is filled to the brim with sweet, cold water...

This minor artifact is a small hip-flask that, though it appears to be empty, is full of a liquid, that is undetectable by any means other than a creature putting it to its lips and drinking.

This liquid has three effects, the flask itself being entirely non-magical, its only exceptional quality being its immunity to the liquid's properties.

Firstly, this liquid acts as an incredibly potent acid against all non-organic substances, corroding them as if they were exposed to salt water for millennia; this "acid" deals 1d6 damage to the substance that is exposed to it each round that it remains in contact, ignoring hardness. If it manages to destroy that substance, that substance is permanently destroyed; it cannot be repaired through any means, unless it is physically repaired. For the purposes of magic and other similar effects, the destroyed portions simply never existed.

Secondly, any creature that drinks even a single sip from the flask, or any organic substance dipped in the liquid, loses the need to drink entirely for the next 24 hours; however, within that period of time, water is considered acid by that creature or object, dealing 1d6 damage from mere contact or 10d6 damage a round if immersed.

Lastly, any creature or object currently suffering from damage from the liquid inside the flask, or which is currently under the effects of the liquid, is entirely immune to damage from sources other than the liquid itself or water, as the liquid repairs it immediately with an odd, carbon-looking, water-proof substance, that smells of rotten flesh; this substance is converted back to normal flesh at a rate of about 10 pounds each day.

The flask itself is constantly treated as if it were being "damaged" by the liquid inside, even though it itself is completely unharmed by it.

The flask contains a single liter of the liquid, which replenishes itself if the flask would be emptied.

A Final Interesting Note: The Knife has hit-points as normal for a Heavy Aurorum Dagger. The flask and the watch each have precisely 1 hit point, which cannot be increased in any way.

2013-01-13, 06:41 PM
You seem to have items that are both immune to damage and can damage things which are immune to damage. For example, stab the pocketwatch with the knife. What happens?

2013-01-13, 06:57 PM
The knife explicitly ignores time shenanigans, which are what the watch uses.

The watch would break.

The same for the flask; while it is immune to damage normally, the knife could break it. Because any damage it deals explicitly ignores all effects that would prevent damage.