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Tarsten Corvus
2013-01-15, 12:22 PM
To be able to make and use any of these a character must have a 5 Ranks in Craft (Bowyer) or Craft (Fletcher). To have access to the arrows listed below.
Side note you may interchange the Craft (Fletcher) with Craft (Bowyer) in the crafting process.
Also it is preferable to be proficient with Ranged fighting styles or Ranged fighting with Arrows or Bolts However it is up to the DM's Discretion.

Basic 5 Ranks in Craft Fletcher.

The Bleeder
Made from cherry wood to distinguish from other arrow's. This arrow has a hollowed out center with holes near the head and the feathers. The holes function as a way for blood to keep flowing and not clog adding 1d4 bleed damage/round until arrow is removed. One must remove the arrow and treat normally for the wound to heal. With a D.C. 5 Heal Check it is removed with a Standard. With a D.C. 15 Heal check it is a Swift action. This is a non-magical arrow. Sell Price 75 gp

The Powder Arrow: This arrow type is made out of Bamboo and cut is a specific way as to take advantage of the hollow center. Filled with various powders you can do several things with this arrow. For example crowd control with a pepper powder. When fired this arrow does not penetrate the target instead all damage normally received is transferred to non-lethal damage and whatever the powder effect is. Since some feel the need to use poison some wisdom is needed to keep from having the powder accidentally used on oneself. Save D.C. is the Poisons Save D.C. that is used. Sell Price 50gp

The Flying Message: Made from a light pine wood cut specifically in spiral formation. This arrow was intended for very long range. Mostly used for sending written messages across a battlefield inside of the tube. It could travel faster then a runner and was not easily spotted because of the sheer height that it travels. Treat this arrow as double the bow range since it is so light to get to it's intended target. Sell Price 25 gp

Advanced 10 Ranks in Craft Fletcher.

The Construct Bane Arrow: Made from leftover Construct material it utilizes many different types of construct in the making (usually what is laying around) to help in killing/destroying more. As such the arrows tend to have a D.R. 5 of what ever construct it is made from. When it strikes this arrow has a 25% chance to Immobilize a body Part for 1D4 rounds or until removed. The D.R. is on top of Hardness to destroy the arrow if someone or something is pinned by one. D.C. To overcome is 10. Sell Price See the Core Book.

The Fire Starter: Made from dried Oak. This arrow has small ridges cut into it that when scraped against a rough surface spark into flame setting the area that it land into on fire. Any creature or item in the Area at the time gets 1d6 ongoing fire damage until they move out of the square. Any creature moving through the square without having put it out first or immunity gets 1d6 fire damage. The fire lasts 1d4 rounds. D.C. Reflex Save 15. Sell Price 65 gp

Fisher Shot: Made from Willow trees because of the durability, and the resilience were fashioned for hunters who did not know how to fish. With four hollow tubes around the shaft spread evenly it shoots a weight tipped net on impact wrapping around the target. The net functions like a regular fishing net attack, however add a +4 to the To Hit dice roll because of surprise with the arrow doing a normal 1d8. And if they do not perceive the arrow coming at all there is no Save. With the net attached to the arrow it's range is cut buy 1/4 for a normal net. If using a specially weighted net it is reduced by 1/2. The Reflex Save D.C. 15. The Spot or Perception check to see what the arrow is is D.C 10. Sell Price 80 gp (The Spot check will increase if shot from maximum distance.)

Flash Bang: Made from Hemlock wood this arrow has a different focus. It's focus is the head rather then the arrow itself. The head is cone shaped and bigger then most as it is hollow and contains some phosphorus chemical mix that provides a bright flash when it shatters against a hard surface. The shaft is hollow for more chemicals to make more of a smoke screen. The primary reason behind this arrow was to let snipers or assassins to be able to get away when shot at. D.C. 15 Fort Save to prevent confusion, blindness, or deafness. Sell Price 80 gp

Sonic Boom: This arrow is made from Walnut trees and very specifically cut. It is strictly made for speed and causing sonic damage. When fired a Sonic boom goes off half-way to the target proof it was made correctly. When it hits the Target the sudden stop of the arrow adds 2d6 sonic damage is added to the attack plus a possibility of being deafened for 1d4 rounds. A Reflex Save keeps from being deafened. The Save D.C. is a 15. Sell Price 95 gp

Master 15 Ranks in Craft Fletcher.

Dual Head Terror: Made from Rosewood. This arrow has two arrowheads rather than one. The main arrow head is for piercing the secondary for slashing at the insides of a foe. It is made for more damage output. The theory is “Why use more than one arrow to kill a foe?” and so this arrow was born. Since it has a second larger arrowhead imbedded into it cut the distance to a maximum of 3/4 of your maximum range. Once fired it does an extra 1d6 slashing damage and a 50% chance of adding the Bleeding condition. If stuck inside the enemy pulling it out does another 1d4 damage and 25% chance of the Bleeding condition of a normal bleeding condition. The Fort save for this is D.C. 20 to not have the bleed condition. On the second save it is reduced by ½. To remove is a Standard Action. Sell Price 90 gp

Shattering Shot: This Arrow being deceptively weak has a more subtle purpose. Made from Ash trees and having an Obsidian head this arrow is treated with a poison or liquid in the making. To hurt or immobilize an opponent for more “Grab and Run” Quests was the original purpose. This arrow once it penetrates the foe then shatters starting with the head and moving down the arrow. Whatever poison was used to make this arrow you add that status effect. The Save D.C is the Save from the Poison used. Sell Price 65 gp

The Undead Bane: Made from Evergreen trees in the north to represent life this arrow is coated in a type of Acid that does not deal life threatening damage, but rather Charisma damage. When this arrow hits its intended Target there is a splash radius of 5'. The surrounding area gets acid damage for 1 round only Reflex to avoid completely. The damage consists of 1d2 for the initial hit then 1/round after that. Fort save to reduce to 1 round is D.C. 20. Reflex to avoid is the splash damage. Sell Price 150 gp

Spring Loaded Arrow:
Made specifically by Hunters of the night this arrow was made to combat supernatural creatures. It has a spring loaded system that when triggered inside of the Target, it will shoot out a specific kind of spike. There is a 50% fail chance of each spike. The Spikes are labeled as such:

The Blood Spike: Made from Ebony wood. Four holes holding wooden stake like spikes shoot out in cross shape thanks to a spring loaded system inside the arrow. When shooting out the spikes deal 1d4 piercing damage for each successful spike that shoots out. And then functions like a Stake and paralyzes the vampire until all spikes are removed like a stake. However if someone tries to just pull the arrow out the shafts will break causing 1d4 damage per shaft. To correctly remove said arrow you must disarm the mechanism retracting the spikes and being able to pull arrow out without more damage. The D.C. to pull the arrow is 20. Sell Price 200 gp

The Silver Striker: Made to deal with Lycanthrope's this arrow has silver spikes instead of wooden ones. Functioning like a silver nitrate once it shoots into the target and reacts with the blood liquid silver pours out of tiny holes in the tip of the spikes adding 1d4 strength damage for the first round then 1/round. While the original spikes do 1d4 piercing damage. The Save D.C. 20 for half this is a Fort Save. Sell Price 175 gp

The prices are guesses I'm going to be asking my DM about better ones.

The Inspiration behind these is a character with no magical skill what so ever and was thinking of a way to make different arrows to be a little more useful and creative. Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated

2013-01-15, 02:55 PM
Green Arrow, right? Or Hawkeye, I guess, but the Arrow was cooler. Good notion either way, but...

I can't really evaluate these. As written, their mechanics are kinda broken. For example, it apparently gets harder to make them (Craft DC goes up) as you get higher BAB? Additionally, the Craft system relies on having a price for the object, so you need to decide on a market price for each of these. Finally, I suspect that if your post were better-edited in terms of grammar you would have got more answers by now.

One thing that I can evaluate, however, are your requirements for making them. From a game balance perspective these are absurd. Archery is one of the weakest combat strategies in the game (the only one that might be weaker is sword and board, to my knowledge) and requiring archers to waste six cross-class ranks and buy a craft skill to six is unnecessarily harsh. The BAB requirement is also confusing - you need to be good at fighting to make arrows? :smallconfused: The alternative that you offer is little more palatable - for martial characters, feats tend to be thin on the ground at best. I suggest that instead you simply put a minimum Craft (Fletching) requirement - perhaps divide them into basic, advanced and master, and require five, ten or fifteen ranks respectively to access them.

Tarsten Corvus
2013-01-15, 03:02 PM
Thank you Random i appreciate the honesty of that and i will go over it again and change things around. and Adjust accordingly. This is my first homebrew stuff. And i was working on Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

2013-01-25, 09:01 AM
To make normal arrows doesn't require a feat at all. It would normally be weaponsmithing skill (see Skills SRD). While you could also use Profession (Bowyer) or Profession (Fletcher) , those are probably too specialized and only appear as prerequisites for prestige classes in most campaigns. Creating magical arrows would require the Craft Arms and Armor feat. Also, do not ever use BAB as the basis for a save. Saves are based on HD to balance for differing classes. The user of the arrow is not necessarily the maker of the arrow.

The bleeder is fine except it has no rules for removing it. How long does it take? Can it just be pulled out as a Standard Action?

Poison saves should based on the poison used not on the BAB of the arrow's maker. See Powder Arrow.

Flying Message should be a non-magical arrow without the Seeking quality since that would be far too expensive. You cannot apply a seeking ability to a weapon without applying the appropriate cost as that would be grossly unfair.

Construct Bane weapons already exist and they are magical weapons. Suck up the cost.

Fire starter. You should follow the rules for catching on fire. See SRD:http://www.d20srd.org/srd/environment.htm#catchingOnFire. "Characters at risk of catching fire are allowed a DC 15 Reflex save to avoid this fate."

I don't understand Fisher Shot. Do you add the +4 to the attack? What is the DC of the Spot check to notice it? I recommend that the arrow do set damage in addition to the net. This is how a net works: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/equipment/weapons.htm#net. The range for this should be shorter than that of a normal arrow since it has the additional weight of the net to consider.

Sonic Boom needs some proofreading and editing. This should be set save to avoid the sonic damage. If the sonic damage goes off before the weapon hits, does it still go off if the weapon misses? It's very confusing. The save for the sonic damage should be based on the attack not on the creator's BAB. If you want a Reflex save to avoid the damage, the save would be 10 + 1/2 creator's HD + ability modifier. All saves work on that basic mechanic. If you don't know that information. you assign the DC based on how difficult you think it should be. I'd just make this DC 15 which is tough (see Skills).

Dual Head Terror suffers some the same problems: with the second arrow head, it would be a heavier and slower arrow. It would have a shorter range than a normal arrow. What is the save for? Do you avoid the bleed damage if you make your save? If so, then the DC should be based on how tough you think it should be. DC 20 wouldn't be remiss. What is the Bleed condition? If it is not in the core books or SRD, you need to cite to it or explain it. Generally, a bleeding wound causes damage each round until the bleeding stops such as by healing check or spell. If you want a save to avoid the extra bleed damage it should be DC 20, a challenging DC (see skills).


Tarsten Corvus
2013-01-26, 06:10 AM
Thank you Debby for the honesty i appreciate it.

Construct Bane weapons already exist and they are magical weapons. Suck up the cost.
With this i was trying to go a different route with it. It is perfectly alright cost wise i was just trying to add an element of Clever non-magical person might do if given the chance to make it. I that's all.

The bleeder is fine except it has no rules for removing it. How long does it take? Can it just be pulled out as a Standard Action?

Poison saves should based on the poison used not on the BAB of the arrow's maker. See Powder Arrow.

Flying Message should be a non-magical arrow without the Seeking quality since that would be far too expensive. You cannot apply a seeking ability to a weapon without applying the appropriate cost as that would be grossly unfair.

Adjusted and fixed.

I don't understand Fisher Shot. Do you add the +4 to the attack
It adds to the to Hit dice check. say you have a 19 to hit you would add +4 to the roll due to not expecting a net to hit you.

All the rest i did my best so far to fix to make things a bit easier to understand and use if possible.

2013-01-26, 06:23 AM
If it involves chemicals then it's alchemy. A powder arrow would be an alchemical item unless you're using "Insta-Powder-Arrow-Mix" and dumping it into crafted hollow arrows.

Personally I'd focus on 3 types of arrows, solid liquid and gas arrows, then load cartridges into them so you don't need both a fletch and alchemy craft check at the same time, so it can be on different people.

Liquid solid and gas needs the separation due to different DC, cost and effect variables. A solid cart would be like a slaad seed, maliciously effective and painful death without a good healer, and healing pots would just make it worse.
A liquid cart would be acid or contact poison, a gas cart would be like your pepper spray, powdered glass, or anything else that makes a small cloud.

Tarsten Corvus
2013-01-26, 07:11 AM
Hanuman that was the basic idea is that since bamboo already has empty compartments that you just add a powder or liquid poison. That way you don't have to worry about cartridges and they are reusable since they don't shatter. They expand using the arrows momentum to keep the powder or liquid going into the enemies face through slats cut specifically and carefully into the arrow so it expands but does not break. Cartridges i could see if using gasses specifically but liquid and powder wouldn't seep through for the way it's cut. I will definitely think about cartridges and see what i can come up with.