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2013-01-20, 12:41 PM
Hello guys.

I have a setting almost built for the campaign. It is a low-magic world. I didn't really liked the idea of standard DnD races being merged into it, but I also didn't want to leave humans the only playable beings. As far as it goes, I have humans and halfmen (like imps) established in the world. I didn't want tieflings to be present, but unfortunately one of the players already created a tiefling char with a good lore.

So far I have some concepts for tiefling replacement. They must have horns (the player created a tiefling mostly because of them), and they are oppressed by a noble house, which has sent them to reservations. But i don't know how to integrate them more deeply, like, what are they except just people with horns?

Elves. I haven't really got any idea how to alter them. The only thing I added are thin lines dented into their skin which look like tatoos, and the fact that they are much more beautiful with their eyes opened rather than closed. Elves with closed eyes are pretty much ugly.

The draconids are alternative of dragonborn. They are same, not counting some occasions. Female draconids can suck the brains of living beings out with their hair tentacles aka mindflayers. Draconids with wings are very, very rare and are branded chosen ones.

This sums it up. I would like to hear proposions of some unique features these races could have.

2013-01-20, 12:51 PM
Any reason your Halfmen couldn't have horns and just fit in for the Tiefling?

Well, since you got "Oppressed by a Noble House" you must have some lore cooked for them. Frontier location often makes sense. They are a race that typically lives out in the boonies, developed a backwards society compared to the rest of the world and have been taken advantage of and/or persecuted since then. It's a classic model and you may say it's cliched... but human history supports the pattern and at the very least it rings true.

You could always frame them up as something with beast blood (Which may be why they are generally an acceptable target to be oppressed by the locals). What I mean here isn't "Beast" as in "They held congress with the Beast and gained infernal power!", but rather beast as in "Your grandma was half goat". It gives the character the horns, and possible other animalistic features he may want. Gives them a reason why they may be looked down on as being "Less than ____" by the locals due to their animal like appearance and savage countenance.

I wouldn't worry too much about changing Elves or Dragonborn more than you already have. The closer they are to bog standard the easier it will be for people to pick up and play. You already got a few neat little tidbits in there, and that should serve you fine. Just focus on separating them culturally from what you usually see and you should be golden.

2013-01-20, 04:33 PM
Just use satyrs. Horned people with animalistic traits that could make the humans see them as primitive. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

2013-01-20, 07:41 PM
I would go with humans with some kind of fey blood. Could be descendants of fey creatures, a humanoid tribe that was cursed or blessed by a nature deity, or people who were born in magical places, and other such things.
The nobles could belong to a radical religion that is all about reason, meditation, and accension to a higher spiritual state, and they regard nature religions as primitive and leading people to pray to monsters instead of "true gods" that are all about the soul and the afterlife. They might try to remove all such spirit worship from their lands and have all of their subjects doing proper worship. And to them such feyblooded humans would be like half-demons who lead people to barbaric and savage cults and away from the real gods.

2013-01-22, 07:21 AM
Alright, thanks for the ideas everyone. I forgot to mention that I first wanted the horned ones to be in every race (like horned gnomes, yes), but then I thought it was a rather dumb idea unless they are half-breeds.

Satyrs comes in handy, and it merges well with the idea of beast blood and nature deities. I guess the question with tieflings is solved, and I thank you for help once again.