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2013-01-22, 12:10 AM

Spellborne are unique amonst their species. Likened to Sorcers with the innate abilities, Spellborne are born with a unique ability in their blood. Unlike Sorcers who is born able to call forth spells from a power in their blood, Spellborne can draw in magic and release it in more primal forms.

Appearance Spellborne look no different than normal representatives of their kind. Though some say the is an unnatural flicker to their eyes, or aura around them that sets them apart it is unfounded at best.

Spellborne Racial Traits:
Type: same as base creature
Size: same as base creature
Speed: same as base creature
Spell Absorption(SU): Whenever a Spellborne is targeted by a spell and succeeds the saving throw, they are unaffected by the spell, and draw its energy into themselves. This ability does not function for area of effect spells that happen to have a Spellborne in their area of effect. A Spellborne can hold a number of spell levels within themselves equal to constitution score. These spell levels can be used in a number of ways.

A Spellborne can discharge them in a ray (range equal to 25ft+5ft/HD) as a ranged touch attack for Xd6+Con modifier damage, where X is equal to the number of spell levels sacrificed, as a standard action that does not provoke of opportunity.

A Spellborne can discharge it as an emanation centered on himself with a radius of 5ft +5ft/2 spell levels sacrificed to deal damage equal to half the spell levels sacrificed. Those within the area are entitled to a Ref save for half damage. DC=10+1/2HD+Con modifier.

A Spellborne can heal himself or another with a touch attack for Xd6+Con modifier as a standard action that does not provoke attack of opportunity, where X is equal to the number of spell levels sacrificed.

Spell Battery(SU): A Spellborne can convert and harness the power stored within by attuning it to himself or another. As a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity, a Spellborne can refill a single spell slot of their own or of an ally within touch range. To do this the Spellborne sacrifices stored spell energy equal to twice the level of the slot he wishes to refill.


2013-01-22, 12:27 AM
Ever heard of Spellfire? Think it was in Faerun or Forgotten Realms, but this seems to be almost exactly that, but at greater cost to the player.

2013-01-22, 01:06 AM
Alot of the abilities are similar to the feat. The feat, however, requires the user to ready an action to absorb a spell. Which since it doesn't specify an action defaults to being a standard action, and a waste of your turn if you can't guarantee that you will be targeted with a single/multiple target non AOE spell with a save. This race does it passively without requiring any action to absorb spells.

There is also the ability Spell Battery, which was added and has considerable ability to upset the balance of play. With it party members or even the spellborne himself can dump spells into himself at the end of the day to be used the next day. Granted it is at a 1 spell per round upto half con score per day, that can still be alot of spells.

Consider at 1st level with a Con score of 16 at full charge a single spellborne can give any spell caster in the party 8 lvl1 spells back to use. As a spell caster, shooting off a spell every other round and recharging it the one in between...or as an ally sacrificing your turn to give the spell caster back a spell.

Either option is golden strategy in my books, and it only gets more powerful as you level.

Let's take a look at level 10 with a con of 20. You can return up to 10 spell levels to anyone in the party. Let's give the Wiz/Druid/Cleric back two of his level 5 spell slots today shall we...

That ability is why I feel LA+2 is warranted. It is a bit of a deterrent to stop every caster from automatically picking a race to turn themselves in living Pearls of Power.