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Batpope Scott
2013-01-22, 08:51 AM
Well, this started out as an idea on the samurai and then it expanded into a more general weapon guy. This is my take on the wisdom fighter. Be as cruel as necessary, I'm a big boy.

This is a warrior. For as long as there has been war, there were warriors to fight it. This warrior is different. Instead of a carefully honed technique or a well fed lust for battle and rage this warrior uses his instincts to guide his weapon. Commonly of a caste which is not allowed martial training, this master of himself began his 'training' by picking up a weapon and then winning. He wins his battles and learns more about himself and the weapon he holds. This is what it means to be a Master of Instinct

Adventures: The Master of Instinct is ever looking to improve upon his style, but other cause for adventure is not unknown to him. Wealth, Religion, Glory, and Power are the things that motivate bravery among others and the Master of Instinct is not above these things.

Characteristics: A master of his weapon, the Master of Instinct takes the role of a front line fighter or can be a master of ranged combat. Whatever role the Master of Instinct places himself is where he will stay, as the versatility of his path is small once it has been chosen. With his abilities, the Master of Instinct can become an incredibly mobile melee damage powerhouse or a more grounded marksman that pins down opponents with carefully placed ranged attacks.

Alignment: A Master of Instinct can arise from any mind, but one that is open to new ideas is more common. Chaotic minds tend to be less caught within old traditions, but a lawful bent does not inhibit the ability to succeed with ones instincts. Neutral is a very common alignment within the ranks of those who have mastered themselves due to the detachment they create from other ways of thinking.

Hit Die: D8
Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Hide, Jump, Knowledge(Local), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Sense Motive, Spot, Swim, Tumble. 4+Intelligence Modifier skill points per level. x4 at first level.
The Master of Instinct
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|Weapon of Choice

+3|Instinctual Resilience, Weapon Focus

+3|Temporal Distortion

+4|Instinctual Strike +1d6

+4| Survey with the Mind

+5| Temporal Skill

+5| Mettle(Fortitude)

+6| Instinctual Strike +2d6

+6| Defiance

+7| Knowledge of the Self

+7| Mettle(Will)

+8| Temporal Expertise, Instinctual Strike +3d6

+8| Time is Short and Long at Once

+9| Judge By Instinct

+9| Know Without Proof, Temporal Twist

+10| Instinctual Strike +4d6

+10| Defy the Laws of the World

+11| Temporal Shift

+11| Time Means Nothing

+12|Answers from Temporal Mastery, Instinctual Strike +5d6[/table]

Class Abilities

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A master of instinct is proficient with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, and quarterstaff, as well as light armor and medium armor but not with shields of any kind. The master of instinct is automatically proficient with the weapon of choice, see below.

Weapon of Choice(Ex): A Master of Instinct begins on the path by finding the weapon that will enlighten them. Before they become a Master of Instinct, the ones with the destiny to do so are given the opportunity to protect themselves with a weapon that reveals itself to them in their darkest hour. With this weapon the Master of Instinct prevails and survives, thus learning. They will fight and win, thus learning. When a Master of Instinct gains his or her first level, they pick one proficiency that is either a simple or martial weapon, unarmed strike or shields. The Master of Instinct gains proficiency with this weapon if he or she does not already have it. If the choice is unarmed strike, the Master of Instinct gains the Unarmed Damage progression of a Monk with an effective level equal to his or her Master of Instinct class levels. If the choice is shield, the Master of Instinct gains Shield Proficiency with all shields except for Tower Shields. In addition, a Master of Instinct uses his or her Wisdom Modifier instead of Strength or Dexterity to hit and for damage (Ranged weapons receive the bonus to damage even if they would normally not have bonus damage tied to an ability modifier).

If the master of instinct takes the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat at first level, the weapon of choice can be the exotic weapon that the master of instinct is now proficient with.

If the weapon of choice is a weapon that is considered martial when wielded in two hands but exotic when used in one hand, the master of instinct gains proficiency in both usages of the weapon.

Instinctual Resilience(Su): The Master of Instinct becomes increasingly difficult to keep down. The Master of Instinct adds their wisdom modifier to all saves at second level.

Weapon Focus: The Master of Instinct gains Weapon Focus as a bonus feat and applies it to his or her weapon of choice.

Temporal Distortion(Su): The Master of Instinct taps into a power that even they do not understand. What this ability does is dependent on the nature of the weapon that the Master of Instinct chose. This ability and all subsequent Temporal abilities are only usable while wielding the Weapon of Choice.

If the weapon is used in melee, they gain the ability to teleport a small distance equal to 10ft +5ft for every class level. This ability requires the caster to have line of effect to the target destination. You can take along items (But not living creatures) that weigh up to what a light load would be if your strength limit was determined by your wisdom score. This is a move action.

If the weapon is used at range, they gain the ability to ignore an amount of distance for purposes of range increment or feats or abilities that must be utilized in a certain range(Point Blank Shot, Sneak Attack, etc.) to a distance of 5' per class level. Using this ability is a move action and lasts until the user fires their weapon.

Both types of this ability have limited uses in a short period, and have a limit of one use per encounter/2 class levels. If a weapon is a melee weapon that can be thrown the Master of Instinct chooses which ability to take and cannot switch to the other after this decision is made.

Instinctual Strike(Ex): The Master of Instinct has become excellent at letting the instincts in their roots guide their motions in combat. The Master of Instinct deals an additional amount of damage depending on their level(See Table) whenever they do one of two things. The first use is considered precision damage and does not affect creatures normally immune to critical hits. The Master of Instinct uses this by spending a full round action to perform a single attack which must hit normally before dealing the standard damage and the damage bonus from this ability.

The second use is activated whenever the Master of Instinct attacks immediately after using the Temporal Distortion ability or any of the other Temporal abilities. This use is not considered precision damage and affects all creatures as damage of the type of the weapon that delivered it. This use only affects the first attack made after using the ability. This part of Instinctual Strike is counted as a supernatural ability.

This ability can only be used with the weapon of choice. The Instinctual Strike cannot be nonlethal unless the weapon of choice deals nonlethal damage(Unarmed strike counts as both nonlethal and lethal).

Survey With the Mind(Su): The Master of Instinct learns to trust all of their senses and gains blindsense out to 5' per two class levels(Rounding down).

Temporal Skill(Su): The Temporal Distortion ability gains a new use at sixth level.

The Melee use gains the ability to alter direction mid teleport. The effective use, is that the line of effect is adjusted to the position of the user when they decide to alter direction.

The Ranged ability gains the ability to curve projectiles in mid air, causing the projectile or thrown weapon to ignore cover after using the Temporal Distortion already that round.

Mettle(Ex): At seventh level the Master of Instinct gains the ability to shrug off some effects. Whenever a Master of Instinct of seventh level or higher succeeds on a fortitude save and would normally receive a lesser effect on a successful save (Such as any spell with a save of Fortitude partial) they instead negate the effect.

At eleventh level the Mettle ability applies to Will saves as well.

Defiance(Ex): The Master of Instinct gains the ability to use his wisdom modifier in place of the appropriate ability modifier in an opposed check if it normally uses an ability modifier. Example: When a bull rush is made against the Master of Instinct, the opposed check uses the master of instinct's wisdom modifier instead of his strength.

Knowledge of the Self(Su): The Master of Instinct gains knowledge of himself from remembering his past trials and tribulations. The Master of Instinct can use the knowledge of their own limits to push themselves to new power. The Master of Instinct can take use a full round action to grant themselves the effect of a Haste spell as a caster of their class level.

Temporal Expertise: The Temporal Distortion ability becomes easier to use for the Master of Instinct. The Temporal Distortion ability can be used as a Swift action instead of a Move Action.

Time Is Short and Long at Once(Su): The Master of Instinct can give up two uses of Temporal Distortion while using Knowledge of the Self(Using up three uses in the process) to give the effect of a Slow Spell to all enemies within the distance of his Temporal Distortion ability. The enemies to be effected are given a will save with a DC of 13+ the users Wisdom modifier.

Judge By Instinct(Ex): The Master of Instinct can accurately guess the condition of allies and enemies through use of their intuition. By making a wisdom check (DC 10+HD of target creature) the Master of Instinct can learn the HP total of a single creature as a free action once per round.

Know Without Proof(Su): A Master of Instinct can know their surroundings as if the could see without the use of their eyes. The Master of Instinct changes the Blindsense gained from Survey with the Mind into Blindsight of the same distance. Additionally the Master of Instinct may double the range of this ability by doing nothing but standing still and concentrating on their environment. Silence does not affect this ability.

Temporal Twist: The Temporal Distortion ability gains a new use upon attaining 15th level.

The melee form gains the added effect of being able to take along living creatures when used. The creature can be picked up at any point between the destination and the origin point and similarly dropped off at any point, even one that the user left before getting to the creature. An unwilling subject receives a fortitude save equal to 15+the Wisdom Modifier of the user.

The ranged form now ignores all concealment except total concealment when using temporal distortion.

Defy the Laws of the World(Su): The Master of Instinct learns to ignore the preconceptions of mortal life. The Master of Instinct can use up a use of Temporal Distortion to become incorporeal for a number of rounds equal to 1+Wisdom Modifier.

Temporal Shift: The Master of Instinct gains the ability to use Temporal Distortion differently.

When the melee use of Temporal Distortion moves the user through an opponents square, the opponent must make a fortitude save DC 16+Wisdom Modifier or take an amount of damage equal to the bonus damage from Instinctual Strike.

When the ranged use of Temporal Distortion is used, the projectiles rewind themselves after being fired and hit the target twice, dealing twice as much damage per projectile. Bonus damage that isn't Instinctual Strike is only applied once per projectile but insightful strike is limited to dealing bonus damage once per attack roll.

Time Means Nothing: The Master of Instinct no longer takes aging penalties as the timeless body class feature.

Answers From Temporal Mastery(Su): The Master of Instinct gains the answers that they always wanted from the ability that they don't understand. When using Temporal Distortion the Master of Instinct can use 10 uses of Temporal Distortion to effect every enemy within a radius equal to the standard range for Temporal Distortion with the effects of Temporal Shift and Time is Short and Long at Once. The enemies to be effected gain a fortitude save equal to 19+Wisdom Modifier to take only one of the effects. When an enemy succeeds on the save they have a 50% chance of receiving one or the other. When the ability is used, the weapon of choice deals it's damage plus the effects of having struck out of Temporal Distortion and all of the abilities described in this ability.