View Full Version : Racial Talents for a Dark Sun homebrew in Warrior, Rogue, & Mage (WR&M)

2013-01-22, 12:42 PM
Hi guys, I'm trying to draft up some flavorful racial Talents for a homebrew Warrior, Rogue, & Mage game in the Dark Sun setting. These Talents include benefits and drawbacks. Here's what I've got so far:

Human: Select any non-racial Talent for which you qualify.
Dwarf - Stubborn Focus: Select a cause or goal. You gain a +2 bonus on skill checks that directly affect the cause or goal. Whenever you are diverted from your cause or goal (either by choice or by force), roll 1d6. On a 1-3, you suffer a -2 penalty to all checks until you accomplish some goal-related task set by the DM (You retain the regular +2 bonus during this time, at an effective bonus of +0).
Elf - Infamous Nomad: You gain a +1 bonus to movement. When meeting a non-elf individual or group for the first time, roll 1d6. On a 1-3, you must make an Interaction (conning) or Thievery check to exert some insidious control over your latest victim. If you fail your check, you receive a -2 penalty on all further checks against this individual or group.
Half-Elf - Outcast Affinity: You befriend a small animal. This animal alerts you of potential danger; make a 1d6 roll on surprise rounds. If you roll a 4-6, you may act in surprise rounds. Every test related to social interaction with a member of the human or elf race is modified by -4.
Half-Giant - Naive Colossus: When making Warrior checks, roll two d6 and take the highest result. You take a -2 penalty to Initiative rolls. When casting a spell, you roll two d6 and take the lowest result.
Halfling - Little Cannibal: You may consume the corpse of a living creature after battle to regain health equal to your highest attribute. You take a -1 penalty to movement due to your size, but may roll twice on any Stealth checks and take the highest result.
Mul - Slaveborn Survivor: Your maximum health increases by (Warrior+Rogue)/2. You are unfamiliar with mercy. Whenever you receive beneficial spells from another creature, roll 1d6. On a roll of 1 or 2, the beneficial spell has no effect.
Thri-Kreen - Hivemind Hunter: You gain a +2 bonus to Defense that does not stack with armor but counts as armor for the purposes of determining Mana cost. You possess a mandible attack that deals 1d6-2 damage and is considered an unarmed attack. Your alien mindset provides you with a -2 penalty to interaction with other sentient beings, and a -4 penalty against elves and half-elves.

Any ideas on what to change and/or what to add? Any seem too weak or too powerful? Not sure how I would do Pterran or Aarakocra, if at all. Thanks for the help!