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2013-01-23, 08:59 PM
I'm about to start my first worldbuilding project, an Eberron esque steampunk project that revolves around magic having accidentally brought on an industrial age wayyyy to early. It will take place under 10 years after some incredible discovery has been made, shifting the focus of the world from magic to technology and starting much turmoil. For one, do you have any ideas? And two, how the hell should I do this anyway?

doc neon
2013-01-23, 09:25 PM
Whenever I'm stumped for ideas on a certain genre, I usually pay a visit to The Wiki That Shall Not Be Named, but by this point I've built up an immunity to its charms; you may not be as lucky.

The second part of this column (http://www.rpg.net/columns/tropes/tropes5.phtml) may be marginally helpful.

Before you start worldbuilding, if you already have a system in mind, the first thing you want to ask yourself is, "What do I want the players to be able to do?"

Want them to be able to go into space? Keep that in mind while you build the setting. Do you want them to be part of the mainstream Victorian-esque culture, or fighting against it? Better put in stats for the enemies, and social rules for their own culture. Do you want them to be able to be/fight robots? Stick in some clockwork automatons. Do you want zeppelin- or galleon-style airships? What kind of cultural upheaval would cause this kind of airships?

Ideas for the Incredible Discovery: a Difference Engine (steampunk computer)? Walking, talking, slaving, social-commentary-causing automatons? Dinosaurs, for use in war, transportation, and labor? The easy one: gunpowder? Handheld weapons? Airships?

Just some ideas.

2013-02-07, 03:34 PM
You might read up on a game called Arcanum, it had a lot of what you're describing going on.

In particular, humans stole a Dwarven steam engine, and reverse-engineered it to start an industrial revolution. This revolution decimated some Elven forests, thus making everyone mad at everyone.