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2013-01-23, 10:04 PM
So basically yah i had this idea and now I am going to drop it here. I could say a lot as to why it came up but before I start spouting exposition i figured i should at least get my base thoughts down... I really have my hands into too many cookie jars :C

Fluff: It goes here when i get to it.

Game info: (this is just going to be raw thought until i get more time to "clean" it up suggestions on how to make this "look" nice appreciated.) template for humans only

+8 Str
+4 Dex
+6 Con
-4 Wis
Phenomenal Strength: +2 CMB, CMD. unarmed damage as a large creature. grants awesome blow and can use it against medium and smaller creatures. Damage from confirmed critical attacks increased by 50% but deal equal damage to the weapon (hardness still applies) unless the weapon is adamantine or the weapon is made to handle the stress (a new type of crafting weapons). Mastercraft weapons treat their hardness as 10 points higher when damage is applied to the weapon in this way and magic weapons hardness is likewise raised but by 15 instead, may opt to make a normal attack in lieu of a confirmed crit to preserve weapon. always applies 1.5 str mod for ligth/one handed weapons, 2x str for 2 handed. jump heights not limited by base creature's height. +6 bonus acrobatics checks.

Durable body: hp is always determined as d12 + con mod regardless of class dr 10, slashing piercing bypasses. nat armor +1

Heightend reflexs: +4 bonus to init. +4 reflex saves. receives an insight bonus to ac equal to int mod stacks with things like canny defense

Insanity: whenever stressed (subject to player and gm interpretation, rarely should this apply to "standard" combat but perhaps against a certian foe or type of creature may trigger the stress) a super soldier must make a will save dc 15+1/2 his/her hd as memories of past failures, anger, flashbacks to the deaths of loved ones and so on over take the super soldier. success means the super soldier is dazed for a single round (may take no actions, but may defend self as normal) then may act normally the following round and is immune to their insanity for the remainder of the combat. Failure causes the base creature to go on a rampage, attacking nearest creatures, objects, people or so forth. The base creature is unable to tell friend from foe. after 5 rounds of rampage the base creature may make a new saving throw with he same dc -2. this continues to happen until the base creature makes their will save. after their success they are dazed for 1d6 rounds and fatigued for 1d10 minutes. A calm emotions spell does not instantly end the rampage but rather forces another will save with a dc of 12.

Stunted spell casting: if the base creature is capable of casting spells or using spell like abilities, all effects based on caster level and so forth are made a -5 caster levels (min. 1) does not gain bonus spells based off casting stat

Vunerablility to magic: the process to make a super soldier leaves residual magic energy that reacts badly to outside magic. whenever the super soldier is subject to a spell should he/she fail any associated saving throws, or if the spell does not allow a saving throw but relies on an attack roll that succeeds all effects are maximized and empowered.

and more i just cant focus enough now to finish

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