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2013-01-24, 09:37 PM
So I started a blog two days ago, but I need some help. Specifically yours.

The idea is that it's a submission blog, where you talk about your favorite characters, their backstories, their adventures, and so on. And I put them up. It was a little idea I had, but I really want to cast a wide net. The idea is I'll put nearly anything up so long as it's not copyrighted material, because there's no such thing as a bad character, if you like them it's still good.


The Dark Fiddler
2013-01-24, 10:07 PM
Hmm... I think I'll be following this blog. If enough people talk about their characters and sessions and stuff, it should be a nice addition to my dashboard, just as "Elf slave, wat do?" (http://elfslavewatdo.tumblr.com/) has with its awesome character-capable art.

Kol Korran
2013-01-25, 08:53 AM
Since i returned to play (after years of absence) I have mostly been a DM. I only played two long term characters (one of them I'm currently playing).

The first was Bruthus, cleric of the Red Knight (from forgotten realms) and was my first 3.5 character. I quite liked him, he had afew deliberations of faith, and came to worship Lathrander as well (which caused some trouble). I played him till 13th level, when the campaign got cut short, but I have a long diary of his, If you're interested in.

I'm currently roleplaying a human woman fighter Called Lynn Ardent, in what started as a filler adventure, but is turning out to be quite more. She is growing in character quite nicely, I'm quite fond of playing her. You can read of her group's adventures in my adventure log, in my sig.

My players had quite long running characters in the first campaign I ran for them, in Eberron (also in my sig). they might be continued later, but "later" in this case may mean years.

now that i've given (very) brief introductions, what exactly do you like to hear about? what sort of info are you expecting to hear? because I have a tendency to go quite detailed, and write loooooooooong posts when i'm in "tell a story" mode... some focus please? what is it you're looking for?

2013-01-25, 01:25 PM
I'm looking for Character introductions, backstories, and stories of their adventures. Basically If someone said to you "Tell me a bit about your character" or "What are some of your most memorable gaming moments" what would you say?

2013-01-25, 01:32 PM
Do you want any mechanical information (i.e. builds) or purely the fluff?

2013-01-25, 01:34 PM
Builds are fine, just don't get too technical about it. Just say what they did, what their "deal" was, and why you liked them. I want it to be accessible, but I want to know what YOU liked about the character and what makes them special to YOU. If the mechanics and what they could do are what you liked about them, then tell me that.

Morph Bark
2013-01-25, 02:18 PM
I usually DM, so I have few noteworthy tabletop RP characters (though I have done play-by-post ruleless RPs and larps), but one stands out in particular.

Mozart Osbourne was a character with an unoriginal name but an inspired background. His parents hailed from a distant continent and had travelled far across the trade routes when his mother grew ill during her pregnancy, and they decided to stay in the temperate northern regions until his birth, but ended up permanently settling there, setting up a trading post.

Mozzie, as he became known, grew up to be a scoundrel at heart, but a benevolent one. He was rarely seen without his lute and a warhorn inherited from his grandfather almost too precious to sound it (though his lungs ended up too weak for it due to his love of smoking cigars), and he ended up studying architecture to perfect the acoustics of music halls so that the music would be heard louder.

He always kept a great many little things on his person, as if he was a hoarder without a place but his own clothes to put the things, and was nicknamed "Rickety Packmule" by some friends he made in the army, though his supply of self-made alchemical items often came in handy, and cigars were never far out of reach.

In the end, in actual play he turned out to have Fate cutting him short. He ended up being drafted into the army when the kingdom got into conflict with the neighbouring tribes of goblins. He rose to the rank of Sergeant and distinguished himself in combat, causing him to be picked for a special task force to investigate a possible uprising. Upon his arrival with his team, they discovered a facility for magical experimentation, and it turned out a group of gnomish arcanists was behind it, trying to create an army for a coup. As they chased them throughout the complex, themselves chased by some of their creations until one of his companions managed to snipe them down, they ended up cornering them in a large room. Mozzie took point and gathered the others around, instructing them with a carefully crafted plan. As they burst through the doors, they then discovered the gnomes had summoned several demons much more powerful than they were, and a desperate battle ensued.

The gnomes fell quickly, but the demons were the greater threat, and only after a hard battle did a mere single one of them fall. Mozzie sounded the retreat as he dove for cover and hid himself, sneaking around the demons to get the drop on them, but failing in his attack. The demons surrounded him and assailed him, and the sergeant fell. His cigar tumbled out of his mouth and spun in the air as he fell, his backpack full of alchemic compounds shattering between his body and the floor. The cigar's flickering tip met with the spreading liquid... and right as the doors closed behind his retreating companions, the demon-filled room was blown apart. The demons never showed themselves a second time.

2013-01-25, 02:38 PM
I as well usually get stuck DMing. The dirty job that no one ever wants to do.

My recent Favorite though was playing Reman Valarius. When I made the character I REALLY pestered the DM for a lot of information, and in the end found out he only really had one region of his world developed. And the region I wanted Reman to hail from was so underdeveloped, and the DM trusted me enough, to give me basically a blank check to make up any background/location/cultural details as related to the warrior tribes of Estonia. We weren't planning on going there in the RP, at least not for a very long time. So it all really amounted to my character's backstory and how he related to the foreign land of Celez he was found in.

The intro to the RP wasn't too unique. It amounted to "one day you blacked out while drinking. The next you woke up in a prison cell halfway around the world". It ended up with a lot of stranger in a strange land moments. For example Reman didn't have Orcs where he came from (Our primary enemy type for the first segment), so he ended up calling them "mole men" based on the DM giving me a description of what his flavor of Orcs looked like.

It ended up in a weird way that, instead of Reman becoming acclimatized to the land of Celez and learning it's ways, he actually imposed his own will on Celez, making it more like Estonia where he came from. This involved strangeness like Reman's "Genre Sense" that came from him having bardic/loremaster training as a background, and his own "paranoia" as a Evil character coming into play. Along with his utter inability to deal with the desert he found himself in, his hatred of Camels, etc. Evolving to a point where he had to bond his body and soul to an Elemental attuned to the desert just to be able to cope with it in an act of desperation. His "weird" governmental ideas ended up taking root in Celez. The idea of Meritocracy based on Experience to rule, rather than Bloodlines or Divine Mandate (Of course he transitioned this by also getting hitched to the princess of the primary super power in the region by the end of the campaign). As well as teaching the local warriors "his" brand of fighting rather than their own. The locals were based around a single power attack, high mobility combat style. Reman had been creaming the "elite" warriors of Celez left, right and center with a combat style based on wearing down the enemy with disarms, trips, disables, and battlefield control. Eventually he used his own prowess compared to the nobles, along with his silver tongue and connections to unite several of the incessantly warring, feuding states into a single empire. Which he put himself at the head of. Without anyone really realizing HE was doing it as he propped up the Princess as the figurehead and attributed almost all of his legendary deeds to her instead.

In the end, he went in half a year from being a hobo prisoner in some Orc's cell... to master of a continent (Without anyone knowing he was master of the continent), carving an empire out that no one else could matter. Reviving a local religion and reforming it's cult towards more Good ends rather than it's neutral/evil base it had at the time. And starting the Psychic Purge, as Reman was (maybe rightfully as a manipulator villain of evil) overly paranoid of any psychics and their potential to read minds and control people. Of course said Purge also included any arcane/divine users who also had various "mindjack" abilities.

2013-01-25, 05:54 PM
Yes, those are what I'm looking for, but could you submit them to the tumblr?

Morph Bark
2013-01-25, 05:58 PM
Yes, those are what I'm looking for, but could you submit them to the tumblr?

Aside from hopping around tumblr, I don't have any real experience in its use. How could I submit it to the tumblr?

2013-01-25, 07:25 PM

And it will be on the site in a few days.

2013-01-25, 10:10 PM
Kasper Spiritwalker, Oracle of Ancestors

Long, long ago, thousands of years even, one of Kasper's ancestors was a great warrior, cohort to a powerful wizard. The warrior betrayed his master and tried to kill him. Failing to do so, he did manage to severely injure his former master. The powerful wizard cursed the warrior. Forever must his descendants know of his betrayal. All male children must be named Kenneth Argent Salius or else die for those initials will bear the name of the Betrayer, as Vecna curses the descendents of Kas.

With all males having the same name, it became custom in the Salius family to use nicknames. Some will take from the name itself, to be known colloquially as Kenneth or Argent or Salius. However, it is known for the K. A. S.'s to just pick any nickname. As generations go by one family line incorporates Kas - Kasper, Kaspian, Kasey, Kasim, Kastalan, etc.

The family of Kas has never been known as nice people. While "white sheep" like Kasper do appear from time to time, the Kas family is mainly assassins. They have made many enemies over the millenia. Some of these spirits haunt Kasper. The best they can do is mess with his belongings, making it difficult for Kasper to get stuff, but they pester him just the same.

Kasper's goal is to rid his family of the Name Curse. He has no idea how to do it, but he's always on the lookout for clues. In the meantime the spirits of his ancestors aid him, providing him with a weapon and armor when he calls for them. He can summon the spirits within him as well and they gift him with divine magic. Haunted by both hostile and benign spirits, Kasper has been given the moniker "Spiritwalker".