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2013-01-25, 06:46 AM
Hello, this is a prestige class I've been playing around with for a while, and I would love to hear some of your suggestions and critiques to help me flesh it out and polish the details. The class is the Crazed killer, and is designed to allow players to become the crazy, unstoppable slashers of classic horror films like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Scream. It is designed to make a player extremely dangerous up close, unnaturally resistant to damage, and relentless in his pursuit of opponents. Many of its abilities are designed to mimic classic horror tropes we've come to know and love from horror films, such as the bad guys never running but always catching up to victims, being seemingly killed only to rise for one more chase at the last second, and always managing to escape places the victims thought they had trapped their pursuer.

Much of what I have is currently just placeholder text, and nothing is set in stone. I would love to hear feedback from you all to make the unique abilities he has more fleshed out, and to replace his "copycat" abilities for something more original while still serving the same kind of function. So, without further adieu, I give you The Crazed Killer.

Level----DR Bonus------Special
1st------------------Vicious Shank +1
2nd--------(1/-)-----Killer Talent
3rd------------------Vicious Shank +2
4th--------(2/-)-----Killer Talent, Darkvision 30ft
5th------------------Vicious Shank +3
6th--------(3/-)-----Killer Talent
7th------------------Vicious Shank +4
8th--------(4/-)-----Advanced Killer Talent, Scent
9th------------------Vicious Shank +5
10th-------(5/-)-----Advanced Killer Talent, Inhuman

BAB= Fair
Fort= Good
Ref= Poor
Will= Poor

Skills= 6+ Int

Assassins kill for profit, gladiators kill for glory, and Paladins kill for justice, but few other creatures match the shear devastation and brutality of someone who kills for the sake of killing. Material rewards and social recognition mean little to a crazed killer; the thrill is all the reward they need. Propelling their anger, hatred, and ferocity to unnatural levels, crazed killers have managed to transcend normal physical limitations, granting them unbelievable strength, the ability to rise from the dead, and to even seemingly walk through walls in an attempt to chase their victims. They are unbothered by your weapons, and no door or cage is strong enough hold them. Your only option is to run for your life!

To qualify as a crazed killer, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Feats: Weapon Focus Dagger, Kukri, or other similar mundane or improvised weapon.
A character wishing to become a crazed killer must have killed an innocent, good-aligned individual in cold blood without being caught.

Class Features:
All of the following are class features of the crazed killer prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Crazed killers gain a proficiency in any improvised weapons that are of similar shape and size to a dagger. They gain no proficiency with any types of armor or shields.

Vicious Shank: When the Crazed Killer succeeds a grapple check to maintain a grapple and chooses to deal weapon damage, he may deal one additional instance of weapon damage at level 1, and one additional instance for every odd level of Crazed Killer for a max of +5 at level 9.

Inhuman: You have delved so far into the life of a killer that your physical body has begun to twist and warp to reflect your endless bloodlust. You become immune to critical hits and precision damage, and you gain the Aberration subtype. You now qualify as either an Aberration or your original base type, whichever is more beneficial to you at any given moment.

Killer Talents: A crazed killer may choose one of the following killer talents every even level starting at 2nd level.

Killer Talents

Artery Gouge: When the Crazed Killer makes a successful strike against a flat-footed enemy or an enemy who has been denied his DEX bonus, he inflicts 1d6 bleeding damage. This effect does not stack with itself and may only be reapplied after the first bleeding effect has been healed. This bleed stacks with other bleeding effects caused by other abilities, such as the Bleeding Rogue Talent.

Brutal Strangle: When the Crazed Killer with this talent succeeds a CMB check to pin, he may choose to immediately start strangling his opponent. Every round the Crazed Killer succeeds at a CMB to maintain the pin he deals 2d6 points of nonlethal damage. If the Crazed Killer can maintain a pin for 3 consecutive rounds, the opponent immediately dies from a broken neck. If the Crazed Killer is holding a rope, a chain, a piano wire, or any other similarly sturdy thread at the start of a pin, he may use it to give him a +4 circumstance bonus to his CMB and CMD checks to break the pin, and deals an additional 1d6 points of nonlethal damage (for a total of 3d6).

Inescapable Monster: While participating in combat a Crazed Killer with this talent gets a +10 circumstance bonus to break down doors, cages, or other similar obstacles that prevent him from engaging combat with an opponent, as well as a +10 bonus to break out of chains, ropes, or other similar restraints.

Aura of Fear: (Undecided function)

Lurk: Once per day as a standard action a Crazed Killer with this talent may take 20 on stealth checks for one minute. During this minute the Crazed Killer must be under a shadow that engulfs his whole body, must not be seen entering the shadow, and cannot take any actions that require movement or sound. Violating any of these conditions ends the effect immediately and requires a new stealth check if the Crazed Killer wishes to stay hidden.

Deadened Nerves: The Crazed Killer gains an additional +2 DR/- in addition to his normal DR bonuses.

Favored Prey: The crazed killer gains a favored type of humanoid that he is especially found of killing. The crazed killer may choose one type of humanoid to be his favored prey, giving him a +2 bonus against them in the same way a Ranger has a favored enemy. Conversely, the crazed killer may instead choose a gender and two types of humanoid. This talent may be taken multiple times; it applies to other prey types.
Refuses to Die: A crazed killer is able to ignore pain and injuries as his victims fruitlessly fight back. At 2nd level, and every other level thereafter, the crazed killer gain DR +1/-.

Darkvision: The crazed killer has become adept at chasing and hunting his victims in the dark of night and in the lightless halls of abandoned mansions. The crazed killer gains Darkvision 30ft. If the character already has Darkvision, add 30ft to the maximum distance the character can see in total darkness.

Smell the Fear: At 8th level the crazed killer has become so adept at hunting his victims he can literally smell their fear. The crazed killer gains the Scent ability. If the character already has the Scent ability, add 10 feet to the maximum distance required to discern the direction of a creature.

Advanced Killer Talent: At 8th and 10th level the crazed killer may choose a talent from either the Killer Talent list or the Advanced Killer Talent list.

Advanced Killer Talents

Undying Will: Once per day as a free action, when a Crazed Killer with this talent stabilizes after being damaged below 0 hit points, he may instantly recover hit points equal to twice his CON score. These are not temporary hit points and may allow the Crazed Killer to be healed above 0 hit points.

Gut ‘em Like a Fish: When the Crazed Killer makes a successful strike against a flat-footed enemy or an enemy who has been denied his DEX bonus, he inflicts 2d6 bleeding damage. This bleed damage is in addition to any bleed damage caused by the talent Artery Gouge. This effect does not stack with itself and may only be reapplied after the first bleeding effect has been healed. This bleed stacks with other bleeding effects caused by other abilities, such as the Bleeding Rogue Talent.

Murderous Pursuit: A Crazed Killer with this talent may, at will, teleport up to 100 feet per day as a swift action. This movement must be used in 5-foot increments and does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Using this talent allows the Crazed Killer to teleport through creatures and walls, but he must be familiar with the area or have a 50% chance to materialize in the spaces he’s attempting to teleport through, following the rules as per the “Blink” spell.

Scared to Death: A Crazed Killer with this talent may use a full-round action to make a single attack against an enemy while it is vulnerable and instantly kill it. The Crazed Killer must be able to study the victim for three consecutive rounds and must make his attack within three rounds afterwards or be forced to study the victim for an additional three rounds. If the attack hits, the opponent must succeed a FORT save equal to twice the Crazed Killer’s lvl + his Base Attack Bonus + his CHA modifier or instantly die. If the opponent succeeds his FORT save he still receives double damage from the attack. The opponent must be flat-footed, denied his DEX bonus, or otherwise hindered from properly defending himself in order for the attack to succeed.