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2013-01-25, 04:10 PM
I am trying to make a campaign world for the AD&D 1st E system. I need help on how I should organize it. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

2013-01-25, 05:47 PM
I usually stick to what other people did before me and were successful with.

- Special options for PC races and new PC races.
- Special options for character classes and new character classes.
- New customization options like for example feats in a d20 game.
- New equipment available in the setting.
- New forms of magic and spell available in the setting.
- Special social things in the setting, like explaining feudal sytems, city states, or tribal society, important trade relationships, and so on to some detail, if it applies to the world.
- Deities and other Dimensions.
- New monsters found in the setting.

That's pretty much how all campaign setting books and boxes are organized, and these points cover almost anything that would be of interest.