View Full Version : MW Creating "Fantasy Heroic Roleplay"

2013-01-26, 02:55 AM
According to Kicktraq (http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/1116133034/margaret-weis-productions-cortex-plus-hackers-guid/#chart-exp-projection), Margaret Weis Productions will be funding their Cortex Plus Hacker's Guide KS (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1116133034/margaret-weis-productions-cortex-plus-hackers-guid/?ref=kicktraq) and include a certain Stretch Goal; they're going to include a hack for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying that re-skins it and tweaks it for Fantasy a la D&D.

What kind of challenges do you see with this?

Two things I thought of:

I've seen several hacks (and made several of my own) which change the Affiliation Die to some kind of Stat (Body/Mind/Spirit, or something similar), but then I always realize that that sort of steps on the toes of Powers and Specialties (which already overlap enough, IMO). The thing about Affiliation is its an external condition imposed upon the character, though they can take steps to alter it. That makes it stand apart. For that reason, I think they'll keep it as-is (though possibly re-named to something more thematically appropriate).

What kind of power scale are we talking for FHR? Most players of fantasy RPGs really just want LotR/GoT-level, fairly mundane stuff. But D&D has always insisted on going from crap-covered farmer to universe-altering archmage who eats gods for breakfast. MHR is an episodic game where power levels stay relatively stable over the course of play, in fact its designed so you can change characters between Events and not even care. Will FHR be the same? If it is, what power level do you think it'll go for?