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2013-01-26, 03:03 AM
The year 2144 would change the way humans looked at the multiverse; it was during this year that humanity discovered naturally occurring temporal portals (henceforth referred to as Time Tunnels) that allowed them to travel back in time. The first Time Tunnel discovered connected the human’s world (known as Earth Prime) to an alternate Earth during its Late Cretaceous Period. Earth, which at the time had only minimal activity outside their solar system, was extremely overcrowded, even with the creation of colonies on both Venus and Mars.

Seeing this new Earth, now designated Earth-1, it was decided that if this Earth could be colonized, a new era of prosperity could be created as a new Human civilization (one existing in two separate universes and two different points in time simultaneously), and soon the original surveyors started entering the portal. As time went on, they discovered other time tunnels in this world, also connecting to alternate Earths. Soon, portals to Earth-2 (Early Jurassic) and Earth-3 (Mid Triassic) were found. Again, seeing even more opportunity to expand, humans started making fortifications surrounding these time tunnels, and started construction of a method of transportation to get from one world to another; a repulsorlift vehicle known as the Dinosaur Train.

This Dinosaur Train was especially designed to be able to withstand the wilds that it would have to traverse to get from one time tunnel to another, and was capable of navigating through the Time Vortex within each tunnel without the chance of getting lost. While initial expeditions were extremely successful with the Dinosaur Train, soon several problems started propping up; the first of which was the fact that several of the early settlements could not defend themselves against the animals native to the time periods. Deciding to halt the colonization process until the areas near the time tunnels could be made safe, the United Nations turned to mercenaries to aid in securing territory.

This caused a great influx of soldiers, mercenaries, big game hunters, and others to come to the location of the first time tunnel, which was discovered about forty miles out of Médenine, Tunisia. Purchasing special licenses from the UN, these hunters would take rides on the Dinosaur Train to the various stops on the train in order to make a name for themselves. This would continue to happen to this day (2149), though permanent settlements have been made along most of the time tunnels. Much is still unknown about these prehistoric worlds, though many great explorers and hunters have made much progress in better understanding both the native lifeforms and basic geography.

Perhaps one of the most drastic changes in the way humans perceived the Mesozoic Era was the discovery of a species of humanoid dinosaurs in the late Cretaceous; these creatures, who are called Voth in their own tongue but Silurians by humans, were the first forms of intelligent life other than humans to ever be discovered. Even more interestingly, these beings were even more advanced technologically than the Humans who discovered them, despite their more “primitive” lifestyle. Two years after the discovery of this species (during the time inbetween, they were seen as little more than urban legends), diplomatic relations were opened up, and they still remain a little shaky to this day.

Though the different time tunnels open up at different points of time, the passage of time in these parallel worlds are in sync; if one were to wait three seconds after a friend goes through the time tunnel to go through, he would appear in the new part of the timeline exactly three seconds after their his friend. While this keeps the new colonies very organized, there is still a lot of lag time in communications between each end of the Dinosaur Train; it takes about fifty-nine hours to go from Médenine, Tunisia (Earth Prime) to what would now be considered Cabildo, Chile (Earth-3). This has led to many of the settlements being very independent and semi-autonomous, much like the American Wild West as it is seen in popular culture today (though far more deadlier).

Ideas that are more or less set in stone:
• There is no magic in this multiverse; there is some psionics, but that is rare as well and any power that calls upon the planes or crystals are not included.
• Races will pretty much be limited to two species, each of which have subraces. In the case of Humans, those are ‘Naturals’ and ‘Augments’ (which are genetically engineered supersoldiers bred for World War III, which ended quite a while ago). In the case of Silurians, those would be common Silurians/Voth, Psionic Silurians/Voth, and Sea Devils. There might be a robotic race, I’m not sure yet.
• Futuristic tech does exist, but it is more limited to Humans than it is to Silurians.
• Silurians don't have any contact with alien races; they have explored several star systems outside of the solar system, however, including Alpha Centauri. They have a much smaller overall population compared to humans.

2013-01-26, 03:05 AM
Okay, so my brother recently starting watching this kids show called Dinosaur Train ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinosaur_Train), and at this point he has seen practically every episode. Since he watches it so often, at one point I actually got the idea of making a campaign setting based around the concept of time travel in the show, while getting rid of talking dinosaurs. So far, it seems to be a mix of Dinosaur Train, Broncosaurus Rex, Terra Nova, and Doctor Who.

I'd love to hear any ideas you might have for such a setting. :smallsmile:

In the meantime, I'll be posting stuff later, including racial traits for the Silurian/Voth (which don't really correspond directly to either the Star Trek or Doctor Who version, but are rather more like a fusion of both).

2013-01-26, 10:14 PM
When I first saw this, I thought:
"Is that what I think it is?"
But, It's pretty cool.
Can Humans Be Psionic?

2013-01-27, 12:42 PM
Yes, Humans can be psionic. They're just an extremely small segment of the population. I assume you're asking because of the fact that I specifically specified a race of psionic Silurians? I specified it because that specific subrace will have a natural power point reserve as part of their racial traits.

I'm thinking about making this E6, just so that dinosaurs remain a credible threat.

2013-01-27, 12:47 PM
Silurian Racial Traits
• Medium Humanoid (Reptilian): As medium creatures, Silurians don’t have any bonuses or penalties based on size. As humanoids, Silurians are affected by effects that directly target humanoids.
• Base land speed 30 ft.
• Secondary bite attack (1d4 damage) and two secondary claw attacks (1d3 damage).
• -2 penalty on Fortitude saves against gas-based attacks.
• Cold Torpor: Though Silurians are warmblooded creatures, they retain heat poorly in very cold environments. Silurians take a -5 penalty on Fortitude saves made to avoid nonlethal damage due to cold environments, and suffer double the amount of nonlethal damage that would usually be dealt.
• Mutagenic Venom (Ex): Silurians have special glands in their tongues that is capable of releasing a mutagenic venom into the bloodstream of their victims. Their tongue can be used as a special touch attack weapon with a range of 15 ft. (the attack roll is Dexterity based and does 1 point of nonlethal damage if successful). If the attack deals the nonlethal point of damage, the victim must then make a fortitude save (DC Constitution-based), or contract the venom. This venom deals 1d4 Charisma damage and 1 point of Charisma drain as the minds and physical form of the victim contorts. Once suffering from the venom, the victim is immune to Silurian venom for the next week. Once a Silurian uses his venom, he must wait 24 hours until his venom supply is replenished.
• Paralytic Spines (Ex): A number of times per day equal to their Constitution modifier, Silurians can fire small spines from their arms that can paralyze enemies hit by them. Targets hit by the spines (which have a range of 25 ft.) must make a Fortitude save (DC is Constitution-based), or be knocked unconscious for 1d4 x 4 minutes. Creatures with a natural armor bonus of 3 or more are immune to this attack, as their skin is too thick for the small spines to puncture.
• Automatic Languages: Silurian. Bonus Languages: Human (Any).
• Level Adjustment: +1