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2013-01-26, 11:56 PM
Hey everyone. I'm on the noobish side of tabletopping. I'm most interested in Star Wars Saga edition and I seek players with whom I can perhaps play with to gain more familiarity with the gameplay. I am currently doing a weekly game with some friends of mine, however, I've plenty of time between each session that I'd like to do another character in a different era, perhaps with a different destiny.

This way I can meet new people, play more than one game with a variety of characters and immerse in a few different storylines.

Currently, the game I am in has me as a Hapan Noble in the rise of the Empire era... and as for how a Hapan noble is adventuring during this time period, we have some interesting plot devices that allow for it. It's fun, but as stated before, I'd like to roll a different character to play on a different day with perhaps a different story.

I'm open to all sorts of time lines and eras of play and while I like Hapans, if the era won't at least plausibly allow it, I can play nearly anything else.

Among things I need greater familiarity and experience with is Character creation and initial development according to the era of play. I have used 25 point buys and this seems to be normal... so I simply need to get used to properly allocating ability points for 1st level characters.

If anyone is interested in GMing or including me into a game, my skype is logica.Sylux (display name is Ayeka Kel)

also, Roll20.net is the medium I am used to using as well as skype for communication.

2013-01-27, 03:05 AM
Check out the big Saga edition thread at http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=267237 :)