View Full Version : Order of the Stick wallpaper

2006-11-06, 11:20 AM
I tried to search for this, but couldn't get it to work out. Does anyone have any Order of the Stick Wallpaper so I can put it on my background? I have 1600x1200 resolution and putting the strip as my background stretches it out. I could maybe try and merge two strips side by side, but I was thinking maybe someone else has tackled this issue already.


2006-11-06, 09:22 PM
There used to be a bunch of wallpapers you'd get as donation gifts, might still be around. They are pretty good :) Try donating to the Giant and see.

2006-11-06, 09:29 PM
I made a OOTS style wallpaper before, so if you want that you can PM me, but they are MY characters.

2006-12-02, 08:28 PM
Try looking around old news posts...I vaguely remember something about OOTS wallpapers...