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2013-01-28, 12:36 PM
I love published modules and adventure paths - I do, it's true. Sure, I make up my own stuff from time to time but when I sit down behind the screen with a big, orchestrated year-long campaign in front of me I feel like I'm a director of a movie with a script written by Woody Allen ready to go.

I've run two long-term 'adventure path' style campaigns; Kingmaker (by Paizo, which was glorious) and the fairly long "Corporate Intrigue" campaign book for Shadowrun. I'm currently running the four-part adventure "Time of Crisis" for Mutants & Masterminds.

TLDR; I'm looking for your favorite 'adventure paths' and published campaigns; any system and any setting is fine. Which ones are truly the best?

2013-01-28, 02:53 PM
the drow campaign from basic D&D is IMO the best the giant one that combined against teh giants, vault of the drow and such.

I think it was called Queen of the Spiders.. but do not hold me to that.

2013-01-28, 03:37 PM
I really enjoyed "Night Below" for 2nd edition D&D.

What really set it apart from other campaigns was how much detail they put into fleshing out the setting and the non-player characters. Much of the campaign took place in an exotic and dangerous underground cave system called the Underdark, but even before that an enormous amount of effort was put into detailing the players' home base of operations on the surface world.

In most D&D published campaigns it'll be about 80-90% hack'n'slash and enemy stat blocks. In this campaign only about 40% was taken up by hack'n'slash.

Plus there was lots of intricate diplomacy as the players had to balance their own goals against the goals of the various factions they came across, and the main quest the players had to overcome was obviously too big to be handled without forging alliances.

2013-01-28, 03:51 PM
The Planescape meta-Orcus adventure from 2nd Edition. (The Great Modron March, Infinite Staircase, etc. We ran it combined with Dead Gods for a really epic feel)

I'll give nods to Shackled City from 3rd Edition (The reprint as a omnibus book was solid) and the Blood War also for Planescape 2nd Edition.

I'll also provide the caveat that my favorite 1st Edition stuff is not included as they were more free form and less Adventure Pathy, more a setting and less a plot.

2013-01-29, 05:23 AM
I second Shackled City, though i unfortunately had to TPK my group because of very poor tactical decisions during the 3rd part...

Red Hand of Doom was also a nicely made campaign for D&D 3, i enjoyed DMing it (yet again, the players didnt finish it because i was naive enough to let them stumble across a single wish so they could resurrect their fallen comrade just before the final battle - all they saw was a big red "i win this campaign" button which screwed them over royally)

And i absolutely love the feeling of Paizos Skull & Shackles Adventure Path for Pathfinder, we nearly finished it - this time as a player who likes the piratey feeling.


2013-01-29, 10:00 AM
I'm running the Age of Worms for 3.5, we're about halfway through, so far I'm really enjoying it.