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Sgt. Cookie
2013-01-28, 12:56 PM
Eldritch Knives
Least;2nd;Blast Shape

This Blast Shape turns your Eldritch Blast into Eldritch Knives. Eldritch Knives follow the same rules as a normal Eldritch Blast, except as noted here. You instead create a number of knives (Or similar weapon that deals slashing damage) equal to the number of Eldritch Blast dice you have. Each knife deals 1d6 damage and are thrown separately at the same BAB. You may attack as many targets as you have knives, and you may attack the same target more than once (the damage of multiple knives stack, so if 3 knives hit an opponent, it deals 1 lot of 3d6 damage, not 3 lots of 1d6). Any Eldritch Essences you have active apply to each knife, allowing you to affect multiple opponents, or forcing multiple saves against one opponent. You must choose your targets before any carrier effects are rolled. Carrier effects may only be applied to one enemy once per set, per round.

If you have a BAB of 6 or greater, you may throw another set of knives, using the iterative bonus instead. For example, an 8th level Warlock has a BAB of +6/+1, and an Eldritch Blast damage of 4d6. If he uses this Blast Shape, he may throw 2 sets of 4 knives, one set at a +6 bonus and the other at a +1 bonus. You may decide the targets of any iterative knives after the carrier effect of the previous set is rolled.

Sudden Blast
Lesser;3rd;Blast Shape

Unlike other Blast Shapes, this does not effect your Eldritch Blast per sey, but rather effects the way you can make an Eldritch Blast. You may make an Eldritch Blast as an Immediate action, rolling damage normally. After rolling damage, you divide that number by 3, rounding down, minimum 1. This new number is the actual damage dealt. You may not make a Sudden Blast and any other blast in the same turn. You may apply an Eldritch Esscence to a Sudden Blast, however the save DC is halved.

Eldritch Mine
Greater;6th;Blast Shape

This turns your Eldritch Blast into an Eldritch Mine. An Eldritch Mine is a semi-invisible rune that can be applied to a 5ft area, and it requires the Trapfinding ability to locate, it is disarmed as though it were a magical trap. Creating an Eldritch Mine is a full round action that provokes, and is active the next round. An Eldritch Mine is created in an adjacent square. A Warlock does not trigger his own Eldritch Mine. Anyone who comes within 10ft of an Eldritch Mine triggers it. When triggered it deals the Warlock's full Eldritch Blast damage, and any carrier effect, in a 15ft area, reflex save for half damage, however, Evasion/Improved Evasion do not apply. An Eldritch Mine lasts for Caster Level days. A Warlock may have a number of Eldritch Mines active equal to the number of Eldritch Blast dice he has.

Eldritch Armour
Lesser;4th;Blast Shape

This Blast Shape turns your Eldritch Blast into Eldritch Armour. When you use this Blast Shape, roll half your Eldritch Blast dice and add it to your touch AC. Whenever you are attacked, your armour reacts and deals your full Eldritch Blast damage plus any carrier effects, provided he is within 60ft. This effect applies regardless of the attack's source. While the armour is active, you may use 1/4 your normal Eldritch Blast dice, but cannot apply any Eldritch Esscences or Blast Shapes.

2013-01-28, 01:25 PM
riders could get scary with both.

You should clarify that Eldrich knifes essences don't stacks.

Sgt. Cookie
2013-01-28, 01:30 PM
That was the intent, at least with Eldritch Knives. Sudden Blast is meant to be more of a reflex, rather than as a carrier. I'll edit that out.

The rider effects don't stack anyway, unless I'm mistaken.

2013-01-28, 02:01 PM
I don't see why you let the sudden blast work with normal blasts... as they are not adding a ton of damage, and it does blow the swift action for the next round. remember, the Warlock gets 3 lesser invocations and this is one of them.

utter dark blast, ect.
also, are the knives touch attacks? can you add SA/Skirmish dice to them?

Sgt. Cookie
2013-01-28, 02:32 PM
You can't use a Sudden Blast and a normal Blast in the same round to prevent you from dealing 1.3X your EB damage per round.

That's a fair point, thanks. I'll edit that in.

Yes, they are Touch Attacks.

I'm going to say yes, but only on the first knife.

Sgt. Cookie
2013-01-28, 04:28 PM
Added Eldritch Mine, I'm thinking it's a little OP, but I'm not sure.

2013-01-28, 07:09 PM
In regards to Eldritch Mine, it probably is a little OP. I'd recommend two out of the following three things:
- Make it disarmable via methods to disable magic traps
- Let Evasion work normally
- Make it a greater Shape

Edit: Also, how is it deployed? I guess in an adjacent square, and is primed the next round?

Sgt. Cookie
2013-01-28, 07:26 PM
Thanks for the input. I wasn't sure as I wanted to avoid falling into the same hold Eldritch Cone did. I'll let it be disarmable and knock it up to a greater shape.

Yes, that would probably be best. I'll edit that in.

Baron Corm
2013-01-29, 10:39 PM
I'd say Eldritch Knives just completely overshadows other invocations for giving you 4x damage, and it's not even a Dark! Most other shapes that allow iteratives target regular AC to compensate. This is extremely versatile in being able to apply negative conditions to multiple foes as well - I think it needs to be toned down.

On the other hand, Sudden Blast is too weak, I think. Eldritch Blast is already one of the weakest forms of damage in the game - dividing it by 3 isn't necessary. Shapes usually don't increase damage though, and being able to use it on another person's turn while freeing up your own Standard action is quite nice, so removing the normal blast was probably a good idea.

This almost seems like an invocation to me, "Eldritch Quickening" or something. Maybe move it up to Greater or Dark in that case? Being quicker at blasting doesn't feel like it should change the shape. I could see someone quickly throwing Eldritch Knives, or laying down an Eldritch Mine, for example. Just an idea.

Eldritch Mine is cool, but I don't know why Evasion wouldn't apply to it. If you have an issue with Evasion being too good against area spells, that would be a separate thing to houserule, and for all classes. Another way to handle it is to just not allow a save if the trap isn't detected, similar to how running across slipsand works.

Eldritch Armor seems like an invocation, especially since you mention you can use your normal Eldritch Blast alongside it. I would just make it a Lesser invocation that deals half your EB dice instead of full whenever you are hit. Make sure to add in a duration, probably 24 hours.