View Full Version : A class feature without a class [PEACH]

2013-01-31, 03:05 AM
Mindride (Su): Starting at Xth level, a placeholder learns the subtle art of sharing a mind without impinging upon it, of steering in hints and nudges rather than orders and spurs. The placeholder must first find their subject, which must be living and have a Wisdom and Charisma score. If the subject has an Intelligence score exceeding two, they must also consent to the placeholder sharing their mind. Finally, the subject's hit dice may not exceed the placeholder's placeholder levels.

If all of these criteria are met, the placeholder then touches the subject and begins a ten minute meditation, during which time his body gradually falls into a deep trance. The subject will not move away unless a compelling reason to do so, such as an impending avalanche or a nearby combat, presents itself. If the physical contact between the placeholder and the subject is broken during this time, both of them immediately come to full awareness of their surroundings. At the conclusion of the meditation, the placeholder's body lies in so deep a sleep that they seem dead to casual observation. The body is insensate, and so the placeholder has no special knowledge about it - as a small benefit, its metabolism is so slowed that it needs neither food nor water while the trance persists (effectively no time passes for purposes of thirst and hunger), and poisons and disease do not progress. A DC 15 Heal check (initially a free action, can be retried indefinitely as a move action) will reveal that he is in fact alive. If the placeholder's body is killed while he continues to ride the subject, his mind dies at the same instant. At the end of the meditation the subject comes to its senses, and behaves normally from that point on - except where influenced by the placeholder.

The placeholder can take no physical actions while the link persists, but his mind remains fully alert and shares the senses of the subject. As a full-round action he can end the effect and return to his own body safely. As a free action he can also break the link abruptly - this happens automatically if the subject is killed, and causes the placeholder to be staggered for a full minute. More importantly, as a standard action each round he may make a mental suggestion (as the spell, but not language-dependent or mind-affecting) to the subject, with a DC equal to 10 + half his placeholder level + his Wisdom modifier. If the subject passes the saving throw, it may attempt another, and if this latter is successful it discerns the mental influence as deriving from an external source. If it does not pass both saving throws, it assumes that the suggestion came from its own thoughts. Each time that the placeholder suggests essentially the same course of action, and every hour that passes while the placeholder rides, the subject gets +2 to all saving throws caused by this effect until it ends. The subject also makes a Will save against the same DC for every hour after the ride begins, and if it passes then it notes the presence of the placeholder in its mind.

As a standard action, an aware subject may attempt to evict the placeholder from its mind. This grants an additional +2 to all saving throws caused by the mindride until it ends, and allows the subject to make a Will save against the ability's DC. If this save succeeds, the placeholder is immediately thrust back into his own body, and the effect ends. Unintelligent creatures or creatures of animal intelligence will usually attempt this as soon as possible unless doing so is obviously suicidal, doing so in preference to combat but not to fleeing an oncoming boulder. If the subject suffers damage or is subjected to some wild change in emotions (such as a fear effect or the onset of a barbarian's rage) then the placeholder must pass a Concentration check or suffer the premature end of the link. The DC of this check is 10 + the number of points of damage suffered for hit point damage; 10 + thrice the number of points of damage suffered for ability damage, drain or burn; the DC of the spell or ability if a spell or ability caused a sudden change in emotion; or an appropriate DC assigned by the DM in other cases (for the barbarian's rage, 10 + half the subject's barbarian levels + the subject's Constitution modifier is suggested).