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2006-11-07, 09:17 AM
Hello :smallbiggrin:

I'm new on this forum (signed up yesterday), and have been and OotS reader for.. 2 months? Anyways, OotS inspired me to do my own webcomic.


On the site, there is BUBBLEcomic: RoundWorld and BUBBLEcomic: MMORPG.

When i started making BUBBLEcomci, i inspired one of my friends to start, and he eventually start making BUBBLEcomic: MMORPG. I'm not sure if he is still updating it, but i'll ask him when i get time.

Please give me some critism (construvtive, please :smallsmile: ), and suggestions/ideas.

NOTE: To all users of Mozilla Firefox: quality is bad,due to the bad webhosting ( i can't afford to pay, sorry

NOTE: There were supposed to be a blog somewhere on that site, but i can't find it :P)

EDIT: By the way, one of the reasons for lacking quality is that: i use PaintShop Pro 5 (!), the figures have no mouths (makes it hard to express certain feelings), the figures have no legs, which make high-speed sequences kindda dull.. and i can't turn characters 30 degrees (stupid PSP...)