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2013-02-04, 03:05 PM
Hey everyone,

The following is a record of my group's adventures, escapades, and deeds, both heroic and evil. Every week I will update this page with the adventures of that weeks session. This is an ongoing game, and it has been running for several months. In my first posts, I will cover the events that transpired in that time.

The group.
Now, a little more info on the group.
I am the DM. The group is composed of a variety of ages, but most of us are in high school. We have anywhere from five to eight people present at each session, so some characters may be absent in some posts.

The game, and game world.
In terms of game and game world, I have been using a modified version of D&D 4E. I have added or changed several mechanics in the game, most of which are used to make combat faster and more mortal, and blend the game into my custom setting. The players are starting at third level, due to the fact they would be to squishy to survive at anything lower.

In my next post, I will give a (hopefuly) brief description of the Player Characters.

2013-02-04, 09:32 PM
The PCs.

These are the starting characters of the campaign.

Draven Belias Ex-archMage of Firlund.
Class: Artificer
Species: Shardmind-based

In the past, he was a powerful Elven Archmage. He fought bravely in one of the last battles of the Necromantic war. In this battle, he was slain by an avatar of entropy, a wicked shadow spirit.

Being a spellcaster of such power, he had safeguards against physical death. His soul did not pass on to the realm of death, instead, it was trapped in a soul crystal. His loyal followers knew of this plan to escape death, and when the time was right, gave him a new body. Two centuries later, he was restored to life in a body made of pure soul crystal.

Draven's mind was somewhat changed in its time of limbo. His magical power was massively diminished, to the level of a novice Mage. He also took up new interests, alchemy and arcanics mainly.

So with a new body, a changed mind, and the honorary title of Archmage, Draven has begun to rebuild his power.

Hogar, son of Gaarthador Half-Orc with fine tastes.
Class: Fighter, sword and axe
Race: Half-Orc

Hogar, son of Gaarthador, also son of a Human woman.
Hogar's life began in a harsh Orcish stronghold governed by the mighty fist and axe of his father. His mother was a Human commoner. The circumstances under which she met Gaarthador are unknown. Hogar was taught the only skills possessed by Orcs, honor and war. But he was also taught gentler subjects by his mother, reading, music, and the Earth's beautiful things.

Hogar has left the stronghold to pursue his un-Orcish interests. He carries with him his father's axe, Targh, and his love for elves and painting.

The world could never prepare for a half-Orc like this. . .

Manic No-one knows his real name. Novice Necromancer.
Class: Wizard, Necromancer
Race: High Elf (Eladrin)

Manic once found a old tome of Necromancy in the Royal Academy library. His life was never the same.

Manic was the son of a noble, seemingly blessed with nothing but good looks and a cunning streak. His father sent him to the Academy of Magic at Firlund's university. There, his father hoped he would learn something more useful than sleeping with other noble's daughters.

Of course, a few weeks into his stay at the Academy, Manic found a Necromantic tome in a portion of the library he really shouldn't have been in. Manic new the power a tome such as this could give him, but he also knew that Necromancy was a crime equal to murder.

That fact did not bother him much. He slipped from the Academy with his book and began his quest for dark secrets. . .

Fabio Lous Inquisitor of the Church of Erathis, don't ask about the name.
Class: Avenger
Race: Deva

Fabio does not speak of his past very often. Probably because there isn't much to say. Compared to other Deva, Fabio has little regard for history.

All that seems to mater to this self-centered, narcissistic Inquisitor (besides himself) is his next mission reward. He is perfectly happy to lead his "retinue" on increasingly suicidal missions, proceed to succeed completely at them, and reap the gold reward without sharing it.

Fabio is viewed as rather eccentric by the Inquisition. He is definitely eccentric, possibly insane, but very handy with a broadsword.

Alim, of house Faylomyr Elf mercenary.
Race: Elf
Class: Ranger, Greatbow specialized

Alim had a good, peaceful, art-filled life in Faylomyr, the most westerly Elven hold. Of course, he couldn't stand that. Alim, taking advantage of his archery and tracking skills, hired himself out as an assassin, and was summarily banished from Faylomyr for mercenary behavior.
Since then, Alim has made a steady living as a hired soldier.
He will shoot anything for money.

Rorshach Ikanove Warrior with a mind for business.
Class: Warden
Race: Goliath

I will not give a detailed description for Rorshach, due to the fact that he was only around for three sessions.

2013-02-05, 11:56 AM
The awkward beginning.

The players started in a lakeside city called Ciam. Ciam is a rather small city, more of a town. It's economy is helped along by the fishing of giant crabs in the nearby lake. It is part of the Alagorian Empire, a greedy country on a large peninsula. Alagore is engaged in trade with several countries, including the somewhat disreputable Jerosians. (Don't worry about them right now) Alagore is very similar to Spain, in terms of government, religion, and language.

So, standing awkwardly in the cobbled, rain-spattered town square of Ciam, all what the players are thinking is, "at least we didn't start in a pub". A few minutes of wondering what to do insue. The final decision is, "lets go to a pub".

A streetwise check was not really needed to see the sign across the square. The sign reads- The Waltzing Crab, public house. So the group saunters into the pub. The unexpected arrival of so many heavenly armed strangers causes quite a stir. Hogar ignores the commotion around him, walks up to the bar, slams two gold pounds onto the counter, and says, "food, and strawberries". The barkeep, who is later introduced as Bolin, provides Hogar with a never-ending supply of eel sandwiches and strawberry mead.

The other plays have caught on to the fact that they need to eat as well. More eels sandwiches are ordered, and a lot of beer. As Hogar, Fabio, Alim, Manic, and Draven seize a table to sit at, Rorshach walks to the bar and makes a buiness proposal to Bolin the barkeep. He has decided that this charming pub could be massively improved with the investment of 600 gold pounds. At this point in the story Rorshach is already as good as gone . .

Over their beers, Draven reveals his goals to the other players. He has been sent by the Academy of Magic to explore the nearby Anchient Nr ruin. The Nr where the first civilization to settle this land. They named it after themselves, Noren. The ruin in question is called Sarromec, a site of unknown importance.

Fabio reveals at he has also been sent to Sarromec, but for a different reason. The Inquisition suspects that is has been inhabited by the Masked cult. The Masked are a violent, mysterious organization. They wear beastial metal masks at all times. The masked occasionally raid villages, and capture resources and people. The cult has recently become very active, frequently making raids,a nd capturing abandoned fortresses. Fabio has been chosen to go to Sarromec and learn what he can about the ruin and the Masked, killing any cultists that are present.

The team agrees on this goal, and decide to travel to Sarromec the next day. In the mean time, they chat with the barman, rent the Waltzing Crab's best rooms, and some of them get fairly drunk.

In the morning, the group emerges from the pub, rested and fed, and quite ready to kill some cultists. They discuss their method of travel to Sarromec. Streetwise and history checks tell them that the ruin is located on the most southernly shore of the lake. They decide that the fastest way there would be to take a crab boat, they head to the docks.

They locate a crabbing captain willing to take them to the other side of he lake, and imediatly begin assaulting him with diplomacy checks to lower the transport price.

While Fabio and Draven bargain with the captain, Hogar and Manic explore the docks with Alim. The docks are lined with small, low fishing craft. They find an old, one-armed fisherman cleaning out a crab shell. Hogar inquires about the art of crabbing. "Well", says the man in heavily accented common, "its a dangerous task", he indicates his missing limb. "But you'll be rich if you can land a big one. They ask about the long, thin-pointed spears lying about the dock. The old fisherman explains that they are the only thing you can use to kill a giant crab without spoiling the meat.

After a long while, Fabio and Draven settle a deal with the crab captain. At noon, they set off for Sarromec.

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Crabs, and the encounter at Sarromec.

The group was itching to go and kill something, so they started off immediately. They floated leisurely along the lake's shore for a few hours. But, interrupting their pleasant boat ride, they were set upon by giant crabs as they hit an area of weedy water. Three large, razor-clawed crustaceans clambered aboard the small fishing boat, and swarms of tiny crabs followed. The crew of the boat was quickly subdued by the swarms as Fabio and Manic were seized by giant claws. The group concentrated their fire on the crab holding Manic while the third crab scuttled past Draven, and slashed at Hogar with its claw, gashing his armor.

Fabio swung his broadsword at the crab holding him, taking of a chunk of its carapace. In response, it threw him away, off the boat and into the water.

Alim was swarmed by the smaller crabs, and learned by their painful bites that they were rather poisonous. Sensing that the Elf was debilitated by their poison, the other swarms rushed to him. Hogar, ignoring his initial target, charged the swarms surrounding Alim, dispersing and destroying them. Alim, saved from the swarms, shook of the last effects of the poison.

Draven sent a blast of stunning electrical magic towards one of the large crabs, and missed badly, hitting the boat's crew instead. Alim and Hogar hit their targets though, killing two of the large crabs with axe and bow. The last crab was dispatched by Draven, killed with another thunder blast.

After the fight, they crew recovered from the blast that hit them, and confronted Draven. He convinced the crew that is was an honest mistake, and payed them a little extra for their trouble.

Soon, they neared Sarromec. The group had the fishermen stop the boat by a thicket of woods near shore, so they could approach on foot. They made some attempt at stealth, but failed to hide themselves as they approached the ruin, now visible through the gnarled trees.

Sarromec was built into a low, squat hill. It's front side was made up of a large stone staircase leading to a platform built into the hill and fronted by pillars. Armored figures stood at the ready on the stairs, definitely expecting the groups arrival. Some wore mismatched scale armor, and carried heavy kiteshields and swords. The others wore lighter chainmail armor and carried light weapons and shields to match. They all wore heavy metal masks shaped onto monstrous, bestial expressions. These masks totally covered their faces except for narrow eye-slits and mouth openings. The faces of the light soldiers were completely covered except for the eyes.

Standing atop the platform on top of the stairs stood a robed female figure, elven in figure. She wore a mask with the eyes of a demon, and the mouth of a snake. She held a heavy metal staff. The two soldiers flanking her carried longbows.

When the players saw the ruin and the enemies waiting for them, they charged into the fight. Hogar, laughing joyously, rushed into the hoard of light soldiers, hacking a dozen of them down. Whenever he took a hit from their weapons, he just laughed all the harder.

Manic and Draven sent spells towards the heavy soldiers. Draven launched a barbed tangle of wire at them, and manic threw a cloud of magic missiles. None of the heavy soldiers went down, and manic took an arrow shot by one of the archers.

The fight with the heavy masked dragged on up the ruins stairs. The cultists fought with unnatural reactions and reflexes, and landed several blows on Hogar and Fabio. They grouped together and formed a defensive formation of shields. That formation broke when Fabio dragged the center soldier away with a sweeping, magical sword maneuver.

The staff wielding cultist, obviously the leader, angled her weapon at Draven, who was assaulting her with lightning spells. The staff unleashed a blast of metal shrapnel, magically propelled, which struck Draven and Manic, wounding them horribly.

The fight on the stairs was finally over, as Hogar dispatched the last heavy soldier with a heavy axe cut. He and Fabio rushed towards the masked leader, and suffered a barrage of shrapnel form the staff.

Two arrows launched by Alim pierced the archers flanking the masked commander, killing one and wounding the other badly. They surviving one fell as Fabio bisected it with his glowing sword, and Hogar attacked the robed cultist.

Sensing that the battle was lost, the masked commander attempted to escape. She cast a spell which transformed her into a cloud of swirling metal fragments, and fled, flying towards the lake.

A long and rather ridiculous chase followed, in which the masked leader flew into the lake, where her spell wore of. Hogar, Manic, and Draven leapt in after her, hoping to keep her alive so they could obtain some knowledge about the masked. They eventually pulled her from the water, unconscious and half drowned.

They bound the masked commander, and began searching the ruin for any loot or info on the cultists. . .