View Full Version : Possible house rule regarding crits and DR

2013-02-06, 05:18 AM
Can anyone think of any major repercussions of the following house rule:

If a creature has damage reduction or resistance that is overcome by a specific element (damage type, weapon material etc.) then it can only be critically hit by an attack that bypasses that damage reduction.
Examples: A treant has DR/slashing, bludgeoning and piercing attacks cannot critically hit this creature,

DR/- creatures can be critically hit by any type of attack

Werewolves can only be critically hit by silver weapons

Demons cannot be critically hit by fire, acid or cold attacks, (as they have resist 10 to all of those)

Have I missed any scenarios where this would wreck the game or give the PCs too much of an advantage?

Other than the general "melee don't get nice things" I just want damage reductions to mean a bit more, I'd rather PCs didn't just try to brute force their way past resistances and had to think a little about the enemies that they are fighting.

2013-02-06, 05:39 AM
It mostly messes up melee precision-damage types, who don't have the luxury of golf-bagging their way past DR/energy resistance like archers do, and who can't afford to just plug away with steady 2d6+89 damage like heavy meleers can.

A few LA + races get a little better, but not generally all that amazing, except for the ones with DR (pixies, for example), and even those are probably not overpowered.