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2013-02-09, 02:05 PM
Orange Fungus (CR 6)
When contacted with enough force, a 5-foot square of this fungus violently explodes with projectile spores, a reflex action originally evolved to help spread spores to other caverns. A creature on the fungus’s space takes 6d6 damage; other creatures within a 10-foot radius take the same damage but can make a DC 15 Reflex save for half damage. An exploding square of orange fungus risks detonating other squares, with a 25% of this occurring in each adjacent square of fungus (roll a d% for each adjacent square). Creatures can pass over orange fungus without triggering it by succeeding on a DC 15 Balance check for each round they are passing over fungus squares.

Purple Slime (CR Ø)
Purple slime waits until it senses creatures passing nearby, then drops down from the ceiling or oozes up from the floor to attach itself to its target. Unlike most mobile fungi, purple slime is not inherently dangerous—it is a harmless parasite—but its viscous, sticky coating gives a circumstance penalty of -4 to an affected creature’s Dexterity until it can be removed. Fire and cold damage destroy purple slime, but will hurt a creature it is attached to; sunlight also destroys the slime.

Blue Slime (CR 2)
This exceptionally slippery slime secretes a complex protein that forces a DC 15 Balance check in its 5-foot square, and increases the DCs of all Balance checks made in the eight adjacent squares by +5 (these values do not stack; only use the higher value). A creature who has failed a Balance check and fallen on blue slime takes 1 point of nonlethal acid damage per round. Blue slime's secretions chemically neutralize red slime's.

Red Slime (CR 2)
This slime, virtually the opposite of blue slime, secretes a sticky gluelike substance that binds creatures to its 5-foot square and to the eight adjacent squares, requiring a DC 15 Strength check or DC 15 Escape Artist check to extricate oneself. While a creature is bound, the slime also deals one point of nonlethal acid damage per round. Red slime's secretions chemically neutralize blue slime's.

2013-02-09, 02:08 PM
I'm having a lot of trouble gauging the CRs for these, especially the red and blue, considering that they require making high saves to escape their area but don't deal much damage if you don't (which in turn makes me think I should rebalance them). I'm also considering replacing the damage type for red slime, because the idea of acid (dissolving bonds) seems antithetical to the idea of glue.