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2013-02-11, 07:38 PM
So people, What do you get for the group that knows everything. I'm not sure, so that is why i am asking you all to Help me build a deck of many new things.
I'll be printing what ever is come up with on playing cards so i need to fill 4 suits and i need something extra special for the two jokers. And suicide kings need to be real bad too!

2013-02-11, 07:50 PM
Hmm... I'm just gonna brainstorm until my head hurts, here. Expect most of what follows to be kinda awful.

Forbidden Knowledge - huge bonus to Knowledge:Religion, WIS damage.
Taunting Familiar - gain an unkillable DM-controlled familiar that attempts to sabotage you.
Strange Artifact- gain a random bit of real-world technology (Walky talkies, night vision goggles, digital camcorder, etc)
(Potential Joker) - Instantly jump to the time and location of the next person to draw this card from any deck. (So, stranger appears with your party, you appear with strangers party.)
Wondrously Inconvinent Well - Foot-wide portal to elemental plane of water opens at location card was drawn.
Random piece of your equipment becomes animated/awakened.
(Potential Joker) - be compelled to drawn another five cards at once.
Acquire a permanent pleasing scent that gives you a hefty bonus on persuasion checks, but makes you easily trackable/detectable/delicious to anything with Scent.
Card turns into an unsteady Wall of Iron upon being drawn, and falls in a random direction

Will add more, as I come up with them.

2013-02-11, 08:01 PM
Potential Joker - Everyone within sight of the drawer is compelled to draw a single card.
Player flips a coin- based on result, his current GP either halves or doubles.
Player gains 20 ranks in a Craft/Profession skill of the DM's choosing.
Player becomes instantly aware that, the next time they (the character) speaks, something big will happen (Sudden explosion, instantly summon a small horde of demonic monkeys, person they talked to will be provoked to uncontrollable rage for 2d6 turns)
Party acquired a baby dragon; baby dragon was teleported from its nest, and mother is out looking for it.
Player catches on fire and burns for 2d6 rounds.
Player gains breath weapon that will be automatically activated anytime they speak for the next several days (Fun for social characters!)
Deck is re-created at its current size (So the number of cards does not increase, but it becomes possible to re-draw already drawn cards.)
Player becomes unable to lie for the next 24 hours.
Player becomes unable to tell the truth, for the next 24 hours.

2013-02-11, 08:15 PM
Card begins screaming horribly, causing sonic damage and will saves in party, and attracting any monsters/guards within hearing range.
(Potential Joker) - powerful joker-style beguiler(Class) steps out of the card and proceeds to harass party.
Uncontrolled creatures from two opposing planes are instantly summoned.
(2 connected cards) - when the first one is drawn, player becomes trapped inside the deck, and stays there until the other card is drawn.
Card becomes collapsible spell book, capable of holding an arbitrarily high number of spells, but can be folded down to the size of the original card.
Shows the nature of the next card in the deck; players may choose to draw or discard said card.
(2 connected cards) - when the first one is drawn, all present are compelled to take turns drawing cards until the second one is found.
Party acquires pet monkey.
Card functions as +4 Throwing Star.

2013-02-11, 09:09 PM
Positive ones:

-This card permanently grants a random 1st-3rd level spell as an SLA
-This card grants +10% xp gain permanently (like Item Familiar)
-This card allows anyone who draws it to sell one class ability/power/item/feat/etc in exchange for another of equal power (e.g. same level spell, same level class ability, ...)
-The person who draws this card can immediately spend 10000xp to gain a standard immunity (Fire, Death Effects, etc). This can cause them to lose levels, but they can't spend below 0xp total.
- A king or queen offers to marry the person who draws this card.

Negative ones:

- The next business or endeavor you invest gold into is doomed to fail (all rolls associated with this endeavor are rolled twice and the worst result is kept)
- Compare your largest attribute value with the largest attribute value elsewhere in the party. If yours is higher, transfer two points of your highest attribute to their highest attribute. Otherwise, the reverse occurs.
- You must spend 20000gp in the next 24 hours or instead lose 20000xp. The amount of xp lost is reduced by however much you do successfully spend.
- You become deathly allergic to the next type of food you consume (applies after you consume it)

2013-02-11, 09:19 PM
I know the harrow deck of many things has a card that doubles your size permanently but your equipment doesn't resize with you, so why not one that cuts your size in half and your equipment doesn't resize.

2013-02-11, 09:33 PM
For one turn, the player gains the undivided attention of a God of their choice.
Player gains the ability to wild shape into a small animal of the DMs choosing.
Card bursts into flames and becomes a tiny fire elemental that obeys the players commands.
Player becomes the subject of an Imprisonment spell. If anyone else reads the card, the player is released, and the person who reads the card is Imprisoned in their place. May be re-used indefinitely, but will never hold more than one person.
Card becomes a book of any 10 spells of the players choosing.
Player begins to obsessively draw cards at a rate of 1/turn, for one hour. Allies may attempt to restrain the player, but the player must work to the best of their abilities to resist and continue drawing cards.
The player drawing the card (And only that player) may be instantly transported to a location of their choice.

2013-02-11, 09:45 PM
Ok, Let's see if I can come up with a full 54 (probably not, but here goes) Complete:smallbiggrin::


2 - Gain a free cohort (as per leadership.)

3 - Gain a bonus feat from the fighter bonus feat list.

4 - Have one randomly determined mental stat reduced to 3.

5 - Gain +5 inherent bonus to physical stat of dm's choice

6 - Windfall: Gain one randomly rolled treasure of CR equal to your ECL.

7 - Animal friend: gain an animal companion as a druid of your level. If it dies, it can be returned to life, but not otherwise replaced.

8 - False conviction: You have been wrongly found guilty (in absentia) of a capital crime. Bounty hunters begin hounding you sometime in the next month.

9 - Possession: You are posessed by a devil (or other Lawful Evil outsider) of the dm's choice (possibly with class levels, at the dm's option.) The effects of the posession become noticable sometime in the next week.

10 - Be planeshifted to the Elemental Plane of Air

J - Gain an officer's comission in the army of the nearest nation currently engaging in military operations. You also gain full knowledge of the national language if you didn't already have it. Agents of said nation will be collecting you for service some time in the next week (1d8 days.)

Q - Patron: Gain the patronage of a powerful local (political leader, merchant, etc.)

K - Gain the emnity of a powerful local monarch. Said monarch will begin actively working against you some time in the next month.

A - Receive a summons to meet with Asmodeus (or equivilant Lawful Evil planar power) You may ask him one question, which he will answer truthfully. He will also demand a single task from you. Failure or refusal to complete the task within a year and a day will result in his emnity, and probably immediate annhilation.


2 - Have your one true lovetm teleported to you.

3 - Gain a permanant +5 to all charisma based skills.

4 - Have your sex permenantly switched (or gain a sex if you are an asexual creature.)

5 - Gain +5 Inherent bonus to mental stat of dm's choice.

6 - Have your alignment switched (as per a helm of opposite alignment.)

7 - Fortunate avoidance: you may ignore the effect of one future random event (an event determined by any at least partially random method.) When you use this ability, any relevant die roll, card draw, or other random element must be redone (roll an attack again, replace the card, shuffle the deck, and redraw, etc.)

8 - Become a carrier of a randomly determined disease. You gain immunity to the effects (good and bad) of the disease, but anyone in prolonged contact or proximity (depending on the disease) with you must make a fort save every day to avoid contracting the disease.

9 - Become afflicted with insanity as the spell.

10 - Be planeshifted to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

J - Pauper: Lose everything you own, all affected items are disintegrated.

Q - Gain a devoted lover (not your true love, and not nessicarily one you want.) You meet him/her sometime during the next week.

K - Be appointed to a long vacant position of power in a nearby nation. Your advisors will find you to deliver your first several tonnes of unadressed complaints and other issues the following morning.

A - Recieve a summons to meet with Queen Morwel of the Eladrins (or equivilant Chaotic Good planar power) roll 1d3: 1. She will truthfully answer one question for you. 2. She will charge you with a single task. 3. She will charge you with a single task, then reward you with an answer to any single question. Failure or refusal to complete the task will result in a pout from the queen and loss of any reward, but no further punishment.


2 - Gain a +10 equivalent weapon. You may chose the weapon. The enhancements are determined randomly

3 - Gain a +10 equivalent armor. You may chose the armor. The enhancements are determined randomly.

4 - Unnatural Aura. Animals treat you as undead, and you detect as undead regardless of your actual type.

5 - Gain a +5 inherent bonus to physical stat of your choice

6 - Gain a permenant -5 penalty to all charisma based skills.

7 - Racial enemy: You gain the favored enemy ability as a ranger of your level (single type, but a value of +2/5 levels) against a creature type (or subtype, as appropriate) of your choice. However, all members of that creature type gain the ability to recognise you and gain the same favored enemy bonuses against you, they retain this ability even if you take an alternate form by any means.

8 - Water allergy: From now on, contact with pure water (not seawater, nor other water-based liquids) causes you 1d4 damage per round. Complete imersion deals 10d4 damage per round. Ingestion deals 5d4 points of damage and requires 2 fort saves (sperated by 1 minute, as per posion) DC 20. Each failed save deals 2d6 points of con damage. Neutralize Posion protects against the con damage, but not the hp damage.

9 - Good twin: You gain an identical twin. This twin shares your alignment and starts off friendly to you. His/her attitude can be altered by your actions or other circumstances.

10 - Be planeshifted to the Elemental Plane of Water.

J - Navigator: You gain a fully crewed seaworthy ship. Work out the exact nature of this ship with the dm. You can claim the ship at the nearest settlement with an ocean harbor.

Q - Love's Lament: the person you most love dies. If he/she is later returned to life, she/he blames you for their death and declares their hatred of you.

K - Mannor: gain a small stronghold. Work with your dm to determine its nature. You learn its location and it comes fully staffed. You do, however, have to reach it.

A - Be dragged kicking and screaming by demons to be presented to Demogorgon (or equivilant Chaotic Evil power.) Secretly Roll 1d6: 1- He answers one question truthfully, then returns you to your plane of origin. 2- He demands one task of you. If you complete it, he'll leave you alone... for now. 3- He demands a task of you, if you complete it he'll reward you with a truthful answer to one question. 4. He'll answer one question, but untruthfully. 5. He kills you (slowly and painfully) then feeds your remains to his minions (or kills you by feeding you to his minions.) 6. He transforms you into some sort of minion (usually a deathknight, but possibly a half-fiend.)


2 - Gain 20,000 gp worth of diamonds

3 - You may use permenant image as a spell-like ability, once.

4 - Laughingstock: You gain an inescapable reputation as a buffoon. Weather deserved or not, tales of your gaffes and slip-ups become common knowledge. If you have no gaffes or slip-ups, the dm invents some for you.

5 - Gain a +5 inherent bonus to mental stat of your choice.

6 - Have one randomly determined physical stat reduced to 3.

7 - Gain a permenant +5 to all intelligence based skills.

8 - Suffer a permenant -5 to all strength based skills.

9 - Evil Twin: Gain a twin with an alignment opposite to yours (if you're true neutral, chose one of the extreme alignments randomly.) This character starts off with an unfriendly attitude towards you, though this might be changed by your later actions at the dm's discretion.

10 - Be planeshifted to the Elemental Plane of Water.

J - Fool: Be afflicted by a feeblemind spell (no save)

Q - Priestess: Gain a level in a divine casting class of your choice.

K - Archmage: Gain a level in an arcane casting class of your choice.

A - Receive a Summons from Zaphkiel (or equivilant Lawful Good planar power) You will be asigned a single task, and be rewarded with an answer to a single question upon its completion. Failure or refusal to complete the task will not result in punishment. The reward will be lost, however, and depending on what the task was, other Bad Thingstm may result.

Joker: Be bombarded by d100 giant gummys (http://giantgummybears.com/worldslargestgummys.aspx) If collected and eaten, each gummy has an effect equivilant to a randomly determined potion. Each gummy can provide 10 servings (all of the same potion.)

Joker*: You and your party are transported to a planar metropolis of dm's choice.

Proud Tortoise
2013-02-11, 10:21 PM
Ok, Let's see if I can come up with a full 54 (probably not, but here goes):

5 - Gain +5 inherant bonus to physical stat of dm's choice

5 - Gain +5 Inherant bonus to mental stat of dm's choice.

You could totally split these two into six- one for each stat.

2013-02-11, 10:29 PM
You could totally split these two into six- one for each stat.

I'm aware, but I was trying to put one per suit, not one per ability.:smallbiggrin:

2013-02-11, 10:42 PM
Some wonky and not-so wonky ideas, along with card names that might fit:


Mary Sue: Permanently increase all stats by 2.

Jack of All Trades: Gain two bonus ranks in every skill.

Man Of Faith: You gain twice as many power-points or spell-slots as you would otherwise have.

Fount of Life: Gain fast-healing 1, immunity to negative-energy spells, and a Lay On Hands ability equal to Cha x char level.


Turning wheel: All stats permanently rotated by 1 (Your Str score becomes your Dex score, your Dex becomes your Con, etc.) You retain all feats, classes, and such even if you no longer meet their prerequisites.

Designated Target: When you are in line-of-sight, all enemies must make a Will save (DC = 10+your character level) to target any foe other than you.

Flawed Hero. Gain one Random Flaw. You do not get a bonus feat.

Unbeliever: You lose all spell-slots and power-points you may posess, and cannot take levels in any caster or mainfester class. You cannot use any spell-like or supernatural abilities you may posess, and cannot activate a magical device of any sort, nor can you cast spells using scrolls, wands, or other magic items.

2013-02-11, 10:42 PM
Here's a few:

Shuffle every card you've drawn back into the deck and draw twice as many. (unoriginal, but it had to be said :smalltongue:)
Every round, a creature is summoned that attacks the drawer of the card. All creatures are randomly determined. The first creature CR 1, the next is CR 2, then CR 3, all the way up to a CR equal to the character level of the drawer of the card. (Way more interesting than 1d3+1 balors)
The drawer of the card takes a penalty to all d20 rolls equal to the number of d20 rolls he/she has made since drawing the card (-1, -2, -3, etc), until the penalty reaches -20. This penalty can cause a d20 roll to be negative. (increasingly mean *evil grin*)

2013-02-12, 04:58 AM
Fun Fun Fun, this is going to be so fun to sort!!
<edit> Thank you people! I love this place! I got two sibblings in my group so they know me far to well sometimes. So little things like this keep the adventure in it.

2013-02-12, 05:32 AM
Fun Fun Fun, this is going to be so fun to sort!!
<edit> Thank you people! I love this place! I got two sibblings in my group so they know me far to well sometimes. So little things like this keep the adventure in it.

I'm sure I'm not alone in being glad to help. :smallbiggrin:

Also, I completed my set of 54. I wouldn't blame you for not using it, but it is a complete set.

2013-02-12, 02:46 PM
I might tweek it some to fit in better with house rules and barrow some of the other suggestions for it. But It is most definitly something to have fun with. Although I think the next time the party gets to town they might have a surprise when they are in the tavern! Could you imagine playing poker with these? (not sure how i am going to work it, But I'll make it work somehow!)
<edit> Two in the party took compulsive gambler as a flaw, Time they earn those points!

2013-02-12, 04:27 PM
I made a physical deck awhile ago by printing off pictures and glueing them to Magic The Gathering cards or just glueing paper on and writing on them myself. Don't worry, I only used useless cards like Merfolk of the Pearl Trident. Round here we call that them bookmark cards.

Anyways, here's the thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=49521) I put in homebrew about that. You can crib some ideas from there. I obviously didn't match them to the suits if that's what you're planning. My deck is also inspired by Greek mythology so a few of the cards reflect that influence. I also tried to keep the same proportion of good and bad cards that I noticed in the 3.5 official version. 1/3 super bad, 1/3 bad, and 1/3 good.

2013-02-12, 04:52 PM
When you finish compiling your deck, be sure to post it here! :smallbiggrin:

2013-02-14, 09:59 PM
I'm tweeking the cards and the terms that they will be used on.
I want them to gamble with those cards, and i want them to have painful decisions over winning a contest, and avoiding the worst of the effects.

But sense I am a lousy poker player, I think I will have them play to break the house, But each winning hand they have will give them the effects of the cards in their hands or in their discard. And yes I am going to play test this for maximum pain before i subject my players to this.

Did i mention that if they don't tell me to get blanked at least once every few sessions, then it feels like i did not do my job.