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2013-02-14, 11:12 AM
For the past couple months, I have been working on a project that I have called Pokemon Aatos (http://cosmicoccurence.wikidot.com/start). Aatos is a world of pokemon set in a medieval time period. It is set for the Pokemon Tabletop Adventures (PTA) system, the main forum and rules for which can be found Here (http://forums.pokemontabletop.com/site/). In many ways it was based off of the ancient world, though I also drew copious amounts of inspiration from fictional and fantasy novels, movies, plays, and even music. Some of these influences will be obvious, though others are more subtle.

In Aatos I strove to create a dynamic, breathing world. There is no 'one huge evil' in Aatos that characters are meant to defeat, because that isn't how the real world works. Instead, there are several different dynamics occurring in the world - each independent of the other yet interconnected in subtle ways. It is an open world, with room for interpretation and exploration. In Aatos, almost any character can find a place where they will flourish, and it supports a myriad of types of games: exploration, political intrigue, war, survival, and so on.

I have also adapted the rules to fit a medieval setting. Many classes have been refluffed, and some items have been added or changed. I drew on some existing homebrew to fill some gaps that needed to be filled, and adapted other rules lying around to my liking. I also created some templates that can be applied to pokemon. These mechanical changes are meant to facilitate the world I was trying to create.

My biggest goal when creating Aatos was for others to look at it and want to play in it. In my dreams, Aatos will become the Forgotten Realms of pokemon; a place where several people not involved in the project decide to set their games in. So if you want to play in Aatos, go for it. Just let me know how it goes. Also, I welcome feedback on the setting. Positive, negative, I don't care. Just be constructive, tell me why you don't like some aspects and how you think I can improve. I also welcome any typos you might see (though I ask that you post them all in one list instead of adding a post every time you find one.) You can always PM me for whatever reason.

Anyways, take a look. It's a little long, but hopefully it captures your attention.

- CosmicOccurence

2013-02-14, 05:23 PM
This is pretty amazing. If I could ever convince someone in my group to DM other than me I'd play it in a heartbeat. : /

2013-02-14, 07:50 PM
Well, I just started a recruitment Here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=14712851#post14712851).