View Full Version : What does a Kalabon devil look like?

2013-02-16, 11:04 AM
I want to have some kalabon devils in a game (coz of the hag connection) and I like to sculpt miniatures, however I can't seem to find any images of the critters anywhere apart from the one with a human body with deformed grinning head.
Is that even a kalabon or a possessed human or something.

I'd love to get some other descriptions or pictures to work with if anyone can help?

2013-02-16, 11:15 AM
Because it's mislabled in the art gallery. Here the critter is:


2013-02-17, 06:31 AM
Ah, cheers but that was the image I had. I had hoped there was more images around, that one seems to be a human with Kalabon attached to its head, facehugger style.
Don't look much like the description, although I guess I can deduce it looks a bit like a grinning jellyfish :/ Would love it if could find a pic of Kalabons when they are together in a colony.