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2006-11-09, 07:12 PM
For those not "In The Know", Champions was originally a role playing system for the creation and playing of superhuman characters. Nowadays, it's a source book/general term used to describe the playing of superheroes in the system that evolved from it, Hero System.

So I have a few different settings that I might develop, but I want to pick just one since otherwise I'll just dabble and randomly do one at a time and switch and not get anything finished. Which of these would you suggest I work on?

1.) The Will To Power
The Will To Power is an alternate universe with somewhat different laws of reality and, of course, superheroes. In the Will To Power, people who want (in a very powerful way) to do something great gain the very ability to do it, in the form of superpowers. This has altered history in some four color ways (science colony on the moon, as well as a high powered nuclear silo, for example) and some that aren’t so much (rulers are almost all superpowered, countries with leaders that aren’t are considered weak). The Will To Power throws out the idea of “ordinary people with extraordinary abilities”. These people were never ordinary; that’s why they got their powers. Furthermore, the Will To Power explains wide discrepancies between different country’s superhero quantities with no stupid fiat. Some countries have more dreamers than others.

Example Superhumans:
• Harold Brown, a paranoid, insane man who wanted to become the “ubermensch” He can absorb powers and characteristics from other humans.
• Jack Winters, a dreamer who wanted to get man to the stars, and did. He gained amazingly fast flight and no need to breath. Thanks primarily to him, man has a colony on the moon.

2.) Back From Hell
About ten years ago, something very strange happened. A large number of the deceased, both recent and long ago appeared in various places across the world, and they weren’t just as they left. For some reason, the afterlife opened back up and spit them out. And it wasn’t a cheery place, either. The so-called “scientists” of this world experimented on the others while they were there, doing research on their more abstract spiritual forms. While they did make breakthroughs, all known experimenters have been permanently detained for crimes agained humanity. People aren’t still popping back up, though, so killing those scientists is probably not such a good idea. There is only one superpower: the ability to effect reality with the mind; abilities similar to those seen by Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen (other than his superhuman senses), though to a much lesser extent, and not based on any sort of scientific principle. Things like telekinesis, teleportation, transformation and regeneration. Also, the forms of the twice deceased have no tissue - no DNA, no muscles, nothing. They’re just large conglamorations of carbon and hydrogen that look like people. They have no lungs, hearts or brains. They are, however, killed by shock.

Example Superhumans:
• George Bach, one of the experimenters, is currently hunted by the government for his crimes against humanity. He still experiments on the once-dead, but they aren’t near so durable as they used to be back in hell.
• Robert Johnson is a secret service agent, who has the ability to convert metal into glass. Guns shatter just like the bullets inside when he’s around.

3.) Barbarians
The “civilized world” in Gern has been run by the kingdom of Yural for a long time. Their king has begun to expand the kingdom rapidly, introducing new cultures at a bullet pace. Unfortunately, several cultures have powerful ancient gods that they worshipped, which gave their followers extreme power in their time of need. Or at least, so the legends go; and considering everything, no matter what the real origin, it’s not suprirsing they’re pulling “divine right”, given the circumstances. It’s a civil war between the Yural army and the superpowered usurpers. Of course, not all the superpowered folks are usurpers; some of them like Yural, some of them don’t care, and some of them use their powers for other things.

Example Superhumans:
• Tederval Gap, gifted with far beyond natural regeneration by the god Grabagesh (a god of guardianship and peace). He protects his family and home from invading soldiers.
• Jin Tarkol, a superstrong man who is on a mission to destroy the king after the invaders killed his friend and eldest son.

Note: I would just be developing, them not playing them.

2006-11-09, 11:11 PM
Barbarians seems to be the most interesting of the three.

2006-11-10, 11:45 AM