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2013-02-20, 01:23 PM
Firstly, I'm going to post this, which is a point-buy table up to an ability score of 31:

{table=head]Attribute | Cost per point | Cost Total
9 | 1 | 1
10 | 1 | 2
11 | 1 | 3
12 | 1 | 4
13 | 1 | 5
14 | 1 | 6
15 | 2 | 8
16 | 2 | 10
17 | 3 | 13
18 | 3 | 16
19 | 4 | 20
20 | 4 | 24
21 | 5 | 29
22 | 5 | 34
23 | 6 | 40
24 | 6 | 46
25 | 7 | 53
26 | 7 | 60
27 | 8 | 68
28 | 8 | 76
29 | 9 | 85
30 | 9 | 94
31 | 10 | 104[/table]

Now, without further ado...

Observable Improvement
Level: Sorc/Wiz 2, Cleric 2, Bard 2
Components: V, S, F
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: One Willing Creature Touched
Duration: 1 min./level
Saving Throw: Will Negates (Harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes

With a single touch, you give the creature that you touch the means to improve themselves in a direct and easily observable manner.

They receive a number of points equal to your caster level plus 5, which may be spent to improve their ability scores in a manner equivalent to determining your ability scores via point buy. This bonus is an enhancement bonus to the ability scores so improved.

Your target determines which ability scores they wish to improve, instinctively letting their wishes of being stronger, more attractive, or tougher become realized.

Mask of New Identity
A favorite of people who need to stay in an identity for a long time, this mask is of a blank white face, marked only by a slit for the mouth and a pair of eyeholes.

Over the course of an hour while wearing this mask, the wearer may "imprint" on the mask an identity. When defining this new identity, they may physically alter themselves as with the Changeling Change Shape racial ability, and may describe a life history of their choice.

In addition, they may drastically revise their own physical and mental capabilities; they reduce their base ability scores (defined as their original ability scores plus their racial bonuses and penalties to ability scores and any bonuses gained by leveling) to 8, and receive a number of points that would be sufficient to buy their original ability scores. They may spend these points as they wish to define the capabilities of their new identity.

Finally, they may define their alternate identity's age (further altering their alternate ability scores appropriately), as well as their alignment and what languages they know (the number of languages, of course, being contingent on their new intelligence score)

Once these decisions have been made, the mask changes shape to represent the identity imprinted in the mask; the mask of a glorious king might have gold tracery lacing it, while that of an old beggar would appear ragged and worn.

As a full-round action while wearing the mask, the wearer may adopt the imprinted identity, adopting the physical form of the identity while also replacing their own ability scores, languages known, and alignment with that of their identity. In addition, they gain memories of their fabricated history as if the events had actually happened to them; these new memories don't replace their actual memories.

If the wearer wears the mask for 24 hours straight in its active form, it appears to meld with their face, though it still can be removed; once this happens, the identity that they adopt is treated for all intents and purposes as if it were their true form; effects that would reveal Transmutation or Illusion effects are automatically fooled by this effect, any use of a Divination effect reveals details as if it were cast on the identity imprinted on the mask, rather than on the wearer, and any effect that would detect or modify their mind affects the identity imprinted on the mask instead.

Finally, there is a secret attached to this sort of mask; if it is worn for an entire week, skill checks and other non-magical means of gathering information are misled by the magic of the mask, revealing information about the assumed identity rather than the wearer. This effectively causes the wearer to automatically succeed on all Disguise checks, Forgery checks, and Bluff checks to pretend to be their adopted identity, just as if they were disguised as themselves, forging their own signature, or acting like themselves. The mask itself comes under a CL 20 Nondetection effect, completely negating its aura.

However, there is a risk to the power of this mask; every day that it's in its active state, the wearer must make a Will save against a DC of 10; each successful save increases to DC by 1. If they fail this save, the mask permanently fuses with their faces, they are automatically treated as if they had worn the active mask for at least a week, and they lose their original identity, losing all of their memories. At this point, one day later, a Mask of the New Identity imprinted with their original identity appears somewhere on their body, usually to their complete surprise and consternation.

A given Mask of the New Identity can only ever be imprinted with a single identity.

Overpowering Transmutation and Illusion, CL 20th. Craft Wondrous Item, Observable Improvement, Disguise Self, Modify Memory, Cloak of Khyber, Nondetection. Cost 16,500 gp + 1320 xp. Price 33,000 gp. Weight - lbs.

2013-02-20, 02:14 PM
Observable Improvement needs to specify how to calculate the cost of the new score. Do you include, for example, inherent bonuses, existing magic items, insight bonuses, level-ups? Or just the base score from the ability score generation step? How does this affect someone like a wildshaping druid?

2013-02-20, 05:23 PM
I'll need to add all that in a bit; good that you brought it up.

It only takes into account your ability scores before all other bonuses except for inherent; yes, it does take precedence over racial bonuses.

Otherwise, opinions on the spell and the item?