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2013-02-22, 11:34 AM
So I recently began a new Pathfinder campaign as a PC instead of a DM, unlike the last 7 campaigns I've done, and in the beginning we have to convince this demon to give us a blessing. The people in my party succeeded- an Aasmaire (spelling, it's the half-angel, half-human race) now has smiting powers, a human who's family worshiped demons and dragons grew wings, and me... while, I still can't figure out the exacts. It has something to do with seeing souls- when I choose, I can see the hearts of every person or animal and they're a certain color.

Black- Evil. Hearts slowly turn black with misdeeds. This was pretty easy to figure out.
Brown- These people are normally gamblers, drunkerds, or addicted to something they shouldn't be. Also pretty easy to figure out.
Green- These people are prideful. They see themselves above all others and are normally upper class.
Blue- All around good people who have lived simple lives.
Red- Someone who has watched someone close to them die and blames themselves.
Amber- Good familiars/ animal companions; loyal, kind, obedient, etc.
Pink- Not so good familiars.
However, these aren't the only colors. I told the above so people would know the kind of stuff there is.
Yellow- The only person I've seen with yellow is the elf who grew wings- he's a prideful smart alack who was abandoned at birth, but there are green people who are prideful, and I met a brown person abandoned, so I can't figure it out.
Blinding Light- The half-angel lady; my guess is because she's the 'messiah' or something like that.
Gold- I've seen one Paladin with a golden heart. She's simple, doesn't like annoying add-ons, and is a paladin. But I've seen other paladins and they weren't gold.
Finally, Purple- I've seen two purple's: the leader of a clan for good who's gift from the demon was basically rogue from X-men, who kills with touch, and so accidentally killed his wife then cut himself of all emotions as to not recall how terrible it was. The other purple was a priest who came into town to find this witch, but was captured by said witch and forced to work as a slave in the gnoll mines, and ended up going blind from 3 months of non-stop labor.

Any help would be much appreciated!

2013-02-22, 12:32 PM
Purple might = people who feel hated by God or people who feel worthless.

Gold probably indicates humility and goodness in their highest grades.

2013-02-22, 01:28 PM
The purple heart means they were injured in the line of duty.:smallcool:

So sorry for that, I couldn't resist

2013-02-22, 02:31 PM
I'm noting some similarities between this ability and the Auspex power "Aura Perception" from Vampire: the Requiem. There are a few inconsistencies, but I'll lay out the possibilities anyway.

Yellow - Idealistic. I could see that. We don't know enough about the character, really.
Blinding Light - White, maybe? That would signify Innocence.
Gold - Spiritual. I think that fits the paladin.
Purple - Aggressive? I don't think so.

2013-02-22, 05:16 PM
Is it a dark purple? Then I could see it as severely traumatized.

Purple is a combination of blue and red. Both examples you gave are good people (originally blue) who have somehow failed, suffered greatly, and probably blame themselves (then add red in). So this feels like a safe guess.

Looks like Gold is the equivalent of the [exalted] tag. The highest possible mortal good, which even Paladins cannot achieve. Only the savior of men can rise higher with her blinding light.

Also, have you looked into your own heart? What did the demon's heart look like?

EDIT: Actually, Yellow->Gold->Blinding Light (or darkness->brightness) could be a spectrum of connection to heaven. Yellow is just the guy with wings, only somewhat connected. Gold is the most faithful Paladin, much closer to the divine. Pure light is heaven itself. Also, what color were the other Paladins?

EDIT II: Try casting the Detect [alignment] spells on people of each color, and see if you can find a correlation between alignment and the color scheme. This might help.

2013-02-27, 01:00 AM
The problem with Purple being the blue/ red combination is that I'm a LG character who deals with everything in a good way, always helping others but I'm red from watching my family die. The blinding light has something to do with angelic, and idealistic might work for the yellow heart, which is also the closest to demonic. The demon who gave me the power sent me away and I didn't learn about it until after I saw him and entering said demon's realm has a 60% of him getting bored with you and killing him, so I can't take a look at him. My problem with Purple and Gold, overall, is that everything I come up with fits with others- other paladins with the same outlook aren't gold, and I'm a cleric, so purple isn't connection to god... it's a mess. I like my DM.

2013-02-27, 01:06 AM
Why is a demon blessing good characters? especially an aasimar? Some kinda of setting specific thing where demons aren't bad?

2013-02-27, 01:21 AM
This specific demon is an odd variety- part demon, part devil, part angel, an odd combination shunned by all gods and pantheons- he rules all time and space and, when the two great dragon gods of my friend's universe fought, they killed each other, but the bad one made armies and the good one had no one left, so turned to the demon thing (we call him a demon because it's easier then his name Gilgildameshi, lord of time) to create a group to go against evil, but to join the group, Gilgildameshi must be appeased. He didn't want to bless the aasmair, but he sees the future and knows that she's the key to bring the greatest evil back to life or stopping him, so gave her some ability. Everyone else he just plays with as a toy if they amuze him.

2013-02-27, 07:23 PM
I'm not good at judging auras, but i can say this about the colors...

Yellow: is afraid of something, like losing something important...
Blinding light/Pure White: i'd say it is purity in mind and soul
Gold: has a golden heart, she is generous... gives without wanting anything in return
Purple: i'd say guilt... the one that killed his wife feels guilty and so the priest that failed to stop the witch feels guilty for not being able to

my idea of yellow comes from the riddles of the sphinx, 6 colored riddles, black, white, green, yellow, blue and red...

2013-02-27, 09:33 PM
The purple heart means they were injured in the line of duty.:smallcool:

So sorry for that, I couldn't resist

I know it was meant in jest, but looking at the description of the 2 people who had purple hearts, it might be pretty close to the truth.