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2013-02-22, 08:35 PM
The wounded, the crazed, those stricken by grief and loss. People from every race and continent over Goleron have known impotent rage over the death of a loved one.
Some choose not to move on, not to let time ease their wounds- instead they strike back against death itself. They take every possible means, any way possible to defy death and take back the fallen. These people are Reclaimers.

Cleric, Channel energy class feature, Nonlawful, Nonevil.

A Reclaimer has the following Class features:

Death's Enemy

A Reclaimer must select Healing or Resurrection as one of their domains.

Defiant Channel

A Reclaimer does not have to choose between healing undead or the living, regardless of alignment. When using his Channel class feature, a Reclaimer heals all creatures within 30'.
A Reclaimer cannot choose to deal damage with their channel class feature.

In all other respects, this works like and replaces Channel Energy.

Hippocratic Casting
Any spell cast by a Reclaimer that deals damage, deals Nonlethal damage instead of it's usual type.
Any [Death] effects cast by a Reclaimer render creatures that fail their saves Unconsious instead.
A Reclaimer that kills any living being loses all spellcasting ability until they recieve an Atonement.

By any means
Beginning at 5th level, a Reclaimer may prepare Necromancy spells with the [Evil] descriptor as though they lacked that descriptor.