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2013-02-23, 02:23 PM
Hello. Everybody. This is my first post hear ;)

I have little problem. I want allow my players to create there own cities, and rule them. Can you know any RPG that allow such thinks? More price sly have rule for that kind of game? How much ruler have control, how reach the people are... that kind of stuff. Or ad least something for institution/organizations.

I will be great full for help.

2013-02-23, 03:39 PM
Well, this is something that's also very setting and system specific. As well as story specific. You go at it a lot differently if you are taking players aside before a campaign starts and telling them to create a city that they will rule at the start of the game, than you do in a situation like old 9th level fighters in DnD who are given a parcel of land somewhere to tame, and told to build a city/outpost from the ground up.

2013-02-23, 05:29 PM
The Song of ice and fire RPG includes rules for a "house" or noble family which could be changed to describe a city

2013-02-23, 05:44 PM
Companion D&D (from B/Ex/C/M/I D&D) had pretty good rules for dominions and how they fared over time. I think they would work for cities, but there were a few problems... The rules were designed for the characters to have to adventure to pay the bills, Bruce Heard's column in Dragon did try to go back over them to make non-adventuring domains more economically viable.

2013-02-23, 10:46 PM
If you're playing 3.X, Stronghold Builder's Guide can be quite useful. It is mainly meant for building keeps and castles, but you can use those same guidelines to build settlements. Just design a few generic building types (small house, big house, business, etc) and multiply based on how many of those you want. It doesn't really give rules on attracting people to actually live there, but it helps as a foundation. If the characters take Leadership, you can use the NPCs as a base for the early settlers in the city; even just 1 person with it can get you over 100 people, and if multiple party members take it you can build a small city based on loyal followers alone. Once they have a city built and running, you can then ad hoc how many additional people join over time.

As far as player-run organizations/institutions/guilds, DMG II has business rules that can be used as a model. The rules themselves aren't very good, but you can change them using them as a model rather than having to design it completely from scratch. Alternatively, there are probably some homebrew fixes here on the forums that you could look for.

2013-02-23, 10:54 PM
Here are Pathfinder's rules on it. (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/settlements)

2013-02-23, 11:01 PM
Adventurer Conqueror King (http://www.autarch.co/) is a D&D retroclone RPG with domain management rules integrated.

An Echo, Resounding (google it, sold as a PDF) is technically a supplement for the D&D retroclone Labyrinth Lord, but AFAIK is fairly abstract and thus easily ported to any RPG system.

2013-02-24, 03:32 AM
At the risk of stating the obvious, you could do a lot better than Aria, which was one of the first RPGs written with this in mind.

AD&D 2e Birthright campaign setting allegedly did this game concept rather well.

2013-02-24, 05:42 AM
Thank you for response :)

I think that Song of Ice and Fire is near what I need, but I will check all option that you provide. If you know any other RPG where you have rules for player to rule a organization/city/nation please say so.

One more Time Thanks.

Jack of Spades
2013-02-24, 08:36 AM
Doesn't Nobilis have rules for something like this?

I've never played the game, but I seem to remember it getting brought up as an answer to this sort of question.

The Dark Fiddler
2013-02-24, 03:47 PM
If you know any other RPG where you have rules for player to rule a organization/city/nation please say so.

One more Time Thanks.

One of the first things I thought when I read the Fate Core rulebook was, "Wow, this would be really good for running a game where the players control cities."

You'd need to rename the skills for cities (to represent stuff like farming, gathering, trading, and what have you), but it could be doable.