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2013-02-23, 07:59 PM
Im sure this idea has been bounced around but, imagine a plane, filled with elementals based on the various elements. Not fire, water, earth and air. But elements of the periodic table. Now, some of the later on extremely unstable elements I don't expect to be created. Lets have this as a community project. Come up with a balanced monster and I'll gather and stick em together up here. Para-elementals (Compounds), are welcome. Keep in mind the traits of the element you choose to make a template for, but also how it would interact with creatures in D&D. A silver elemental for instance might be effective against werewolves. A gold elemental might have an innate fear of dwarves, dragons, ect. Have fun with this.

[S] = Solid
[L] = Liquid
[G] = Gas
[Un] = Unknown. (no need to do these elementals. I'd avoid it personally. Correct me if I'm wrong on any)

Period 1
Hydrogen [G]
Helium [G]

Period 2

Lithium [S]
Beryllium [S]
Boron [S]
Carbon [S]
Nitrogen [G]
Oxygen [G]
Fluorine [G]
Neon [G]

Period 3
Sodium [S]
Magnesium [S]
Aluminium [S]
Silicon [S]
Phosphorous [S]
Sulphur [S]
Chlorine [G]
Argon [G]

Period 4
Potassium [S]
Calcium [S]
Scandium [S]
Titanium [S]
Vanadium [S]
Chromium [S]
Manganese [S]
Iron [S]
Cobalt [S]
Nickel [S]
Copper [S]
Zinc [S]
Gallium [S]
Germanium [S]
Arsenic [S]
Selenium [S]
Bromine [L]
Krypton [G]

Period 5

Rubidium [S]
Strontium [S]
Yttrium [S]
Zirconium [S]
Niobium [S]
Molybdenum [S]
Technetium [S]
Ruthenium [S]
Rhodium [S]
Palladium [S]
Silver [S]
Cadmium [S]
Indium [S]
Tin [S]
Antimony [S]
Tellurium [S]
Iodine [S]
Xenon [G]

Period 6

Caesium [S]
Barium [S]
Lanthanum [S]
Cerium [S]
Praseodymium [S]
Neodymium [S]
Promethium [S]
Samarium [S]
Europium [S]
Gadolinium [S]
Terbium [S]
Dysprosium [S]
Holmium [S]
Erbium [S]
Thulium [S]
Ytterbium [S]
Lutetium [S]
Hafnium [S]
Tantalum [S]
Tungsten [S]
Rhenium [S]
Osmium [S]
Iridium [S]
Platinum [S]
Gold [S]
Mercury [L]
Thallium [S]
Lead [S]
Bismuth [S]
Polonium [S]
Astatine [S]
Radon [G]

Period 7

Francium [S]
Radium [S]
Actinium [S]
Thorium [S]
Protactinium [S]
Uranium [S]
Neptunium [S]
Plutonium [S]
Americium [S]
Curium [S]
Berkelium [S]
Californium [S]
Einsteinium [S]
Fermium [S]
Mendelevium [S]
Nobelium [S]
Lawrencium [S]
Rutherfordium [Un]
Dubnium [Un]
Seaborgium [Un]
Bohrium [Un]
Hassium [Un]
Meitnerium [Un]
Darmstadium [Un]
Roentgenium [Un]
Copernicium [Un]

Im listing no further elements.

Para-elementals (Compounds)

None will be listed until people create them. Water would fall under this category but data will not be given.

If anyone gets any ideas, post em.

Plato Play-Doh
2013-02-23, 08:22 PM
A similar thread was posted earlier this month. The last post was 6 days ago.

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2013-02-23, 08:37 PM
Ah. I didn't see that. Well, thank you.