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2013-02-24, 08:57 AM
Hello everybody.

I want to create my own setting. Without magic, but with a superpowers. So I'm wonder thous are any superpowers that can be obtain from Technology?

I know that any superpower can be explain by some pseudo science. But I want the more realistic one. And also I want them to be a skill, that can be level up. Normally you have ore don't have technology to do this. I want technology that require SKILL to do this.

Have two examples.

Very good example: Holographics.
You have device that can create a Holographic projections, illusions. But how good this illusions are is base on you skill to use this device.

Semi good example: Drones.
Device allow you to control drones witch you mind. If more skilled you are than more drones can you create and better control them.

I have little problem witch drones, they seem to much equipment dependent. No drones/device to control them = no power.

Do you have any advice examples of such powers?

2013-02-24, 09:06 AM

That is all.

2013-02-24, 01:41 PM
Super-jumping through special spring-powered boots?

Flying with jetpacks?

Shootin' people with mah lasers! More or more powerful lasers in higher levels!

Hormonal or genetic muscle enhancement. They could gain further improvement in higher levels.

Someone with an installed predictional computer system and headgear that gives them functional approximate precognition.

2013-02-24, 05:03 PM

That is, immune to aging. Character would also get the benefit of centuries of experience, learning, etc.

Oh, and anything from Deus Ex.

2013-02-27, 01:18 PM
Thanks for you responses.

If anybody have other ideas pleas post them.

Plus FreakyCheeseMan I cannot find big amount of augmentation from deus ex.

Frathe The jump pack idea is the beast, and I can use that brain implant also :)

Currently I have:

Illusion: Device create illusion. You have to have big skills and practice to create the best of them.

Invisibility: Sub category of illusion. Requires high skills.

Universal tool: The tool box for mechanic. Allow them to boost, and repair machinery.

Medical tool: Diagnostic and surgical tool allowing to "Heal" some of the wounds.

Best-control - After attaching special drone to brain of the beast you can try to control it. (After hunting down a beast, you can try become his master)

Nano machines of Self awareness - Allow control and increase performance of you body. First allow to you eat poison, than allow negate some debuffing. In the end allow to regenerate. Nanomashines don't have command center, and are control by you.

New one:

High speed processor (Brain Implant)- Augment speed of you thinking giving you edge in stressed situation (Reflex)

Jet-pack - Allow for big jumps, and flying on high level.

2013-03-19, 11:35 PM

That is all.

Best post.

@ OP, have you gone through the Marvel Super Heroes RPG? Most of that information can be acquired online and covers hi-tech heroes fairly well.

Well actually no it kind of doesn't. It really just says "you get your powers through technology." But the list of powers at least might help you out.

2013-03-20, 07:58 AM
what if you had a swarm of nanobots that could transform into objects and creatures?

2013-03-26, 05:17 PM
have you considred the armor might of a tank yet, all you need is rules for the gun(s), health and armour, crew, tank shock