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2013-02-26, 11:47 AM
I came up with the skeleton for this a few years ago, play tested it a couple times, but could never really get a group together to play a serious game.
Presented for your consideration: STAG

2013-02-26, 11:49 AM
Swift Tactical Assault Game
Section 1. Pilot Creation
Pilot Experience levels: Experience earned each game is equal to the Damage dealt that game minus the damage received that game
• Level 1: 0-99
• Level 2: 100-199
• Level 3: 200-399
• Level 4: 400-799
• Level 5: 800

Pilot Attributes:
• Max available Frame Level = 2x Pilot Level
• Pilot is awarded 1 character point per level
• Points may be spent on a Weapon Specialization or Attribute Bonus
• Weapon Specializations grant a -1 bonus to Targeting Rolls for weapons of that type to a minimum of 2
• Attribute Bonuses raise a chosen attribute by 1

Mech Creation:
1. Frame size
2. Attributes
3. Limbs
4. Equipment

1. Frame size
a. Light Size 1-3 (Class 1)
b. Medium Size 4-6 (Class 2)
c. Heavy Size 7-9 (Class 3)
2. Attributes
a. Strength = Frame Size
b. Targeting = 1 + Equipment Modifiers
c. Agility = 10 - Frame Size + Equipment Modifiers
d. Generator = Generator Level
3. Limbs
a. Head: Targeting Equipment only, one hardpoint
b. Torso: Targeting Equipment, Weapon Systems, Shields, Generators, Flight System, Two Hardpoints
c. Left Arm: Weapons Systems, Shields, one hardpoint
d. Right Arm: Weapons Systems, Shields, one hardpoint
e. Legs: Agility boosters, Weapons systems, one hardpoint

Each Limb (legs count as a single limb) has Hit Points equal to Frame Size. Equipment attached to each limb may be level 1, 2 or 3 but may not exceed Frame Size. Armor points are granted to each limb equal to the difference between Frame Size and attached Equipment levels. (I.E. a level 5 head with a level 3 targeting system has 2 Armor Points)

Both arms may combine their hard points to carry one weapon whose level exceeds Frame Size, if either arm is disabled this weapon cannot be fired. One arm sacrifices all AP until the level requirement of the weapon is met (I.E. A size 2 Mech carries a level 3 ballistic in both arms, the player chooses the left arm to go without armor and the right arm to have 1 AP) ADDED 5/26

If an arm is reduced to 0 HP any equipment attached may not be used. If the legs are reduced to 0 HP the Mech becomes Immobilized and may not use any attached equipment (Agility Bonuses are lost). If the Head or Torso becomes reduced to 0 HP the Mech is destroyed.

Pilots of Immobilized Mechs may voluntarily eject and forfeit half of any experience gained that game but continue to live and gain experience from later games.

4. Equipment
a. WeaponsBallistic Weapons cause damage at 1SP/1AP/1HP per successful hit and cause 2 hits per successful lock
Energy Weapons cause damage at 1SP/2AP/1HP per successful hit and require an equivalent level Generator to use
Explosive Weapons cause damage at 2SP/1AP/1HP per successful hit damage 2AP per shot against Cover

Close Combat weapons: Any Mech equipped with a Generator changes their close combat weapon to an energy weapon equal to the generator level. See the Close Combat Section for more details

b. Flight SystemsFlight systems are level dependant (Light Frames use Level 1, Medium Frames use Level 2, Heavy Frames use Level 3). Flying Mechs may choose to run on ground level as normal, or fly above the field. Mechs flying above the field may not claim cover AP, but do not count as Immobilized if their legs are reduced to 0 HP (though Equipment loss still applies)
c. GeneratorsGenerator Levels may not exceed frame size and must be chosen minimum equivalent to the highest level shield or energy weapon equipped on the Mech.
d. ShieldsShields provide a level of protection in the form of Shield Points, these are reduced prior to any Armor or Hit Points and regenerate at the beginning of its controlling player’s turn. Shields may be equipped to the Torso and/or either Arm but apply to the Mech as a whole and stack SP. (SP from a destroyed Arm do not regenerate)

The Turn: All actions in a turn use Agility points. Agility points not used during a player’s turn remain available during his opponent’s turn. Movement, firing weapons or initiating close combat may be done in any order and multiple times per turn. (I.E. a Mech may move 6”, fire one weapon, move another 6” and fire a second weapon for a total of 4 AG)
1. Movement: Mechs move 6” per AG point spent. Flying Mechs may fly over any terrain to try and establish line of sight to an enemy Mech.
2. Firing Ranged Weapons: Weapons fire at one shot per weapon per limb at 1 AG each (I.E. two torso weapons fire one shot each for a total of 2 AG). Players must acquire line of sight to at least 50% of the opponent before shooting.
a. ‘Lock On’ Roll: For each weapon fired, a D10 is rolled, any result equal to or less than the player’s Targeting score after bonuses and modifiers counts as a lock. Lock On rolls of 1 cannot be avoided
b. ‘Lock Avoidance’ Roll: For each successful lock, the player being targeted rolls a D10, each result that is equal to or less than the Lock being rolled against is avoided and cancels the lock.
c. ‘Damage’ Roll: A D10 is rolled for each un-avoided Lock, a 1-2 deals damage against the head, a 3-4 damages the torso, 5-6 damages the left arm, 7-8 damages the right arm, 9-10 damages the legs. Any result which lands against a destroyed limb defaults to the torso.
d. ‘Dodge’ Roll: for each un-avoided Lock, the Player being targeted may spend an unspent AG to try and make a dodge on a D10 roll of 5 or less. If the number of Locks is greater than remaining AG, the difference in locks still hits.
e. Cover may be targeted by making normal lock rolls, but no avoidance or dodge rolls are made against these shots.
3. Close Combat: Any Mech within 3” range may initiate close combat during their turn. Move, Strike and dodge attempts are made simultaneously by both players and are declared at the same time. If both players attempt to dodge, combat is broken and both players move 6” away from each other at 1AG each.
a. Strike attempts from both players connect automatically, dodge rolls are taken at 5 or less.
b. Damage from non energy close combat weapons is equal to the strength of the Mech minus the opponents Frame Size, to a minimum of 1 (I.E. a size 6 Mech deals 2 damage to a size 4 Mech with a normal strike) Energy CCW’s add their level (1,2 or 3, plus character bonuses) to the damage. Damage is applied to the head on a roll of 1-5, to the torso on a roll of 6-10
c. If either player makes a successful dodge roll, he may spend 1 AG additional to move 6” away in an attempt to break Combat. Combat continues if his opponent has sufficient AG to catch him AND strike
d. Combat continues until both players have exhausted their AG for the turn.
e. Flying Mechs may choose to launch a Coup De Grace at 2 AG, the opponent must attempt to dodge this attack. If this attack is un-dodged, an immediate additional attack is made which may not be dodged nor an attack made against. (Place the Model behind the opponent afterward to represent this graceful attack)
f. If 3 or more models are within range of each other, turns are still dealt simultaneously, but each Mech may only take an action against one other Mech each round.

2013-02-26, 11:50 AM
S.T.A.G Standard Mission Layouts

1. Recon
2. Assault
3. Control
4. Extract
5. Survival
Recon: In a recon mission, the Player squad must advance through a series of checkpoints while avoiding enemy patrols and trying to remain undetected. At certain checkpoints, determined by the GM, at least one member of the squad must break cover and perform a Recon action at 2 AG. Each member of the squad that performs this action earns 10 XP but opens the squad to being detected if they cannot return to cover. Any squad member who remains undetected throughout the mission earns an additional 10 XP. Player XP from combat is awarded per the normal formula. Enemy reinforcements are not available to the GM

Assault: In an assault mission, the Player squad’s objective is simple, destroy all enemy presence. Player XP is awarded per the normal formula. Enemy reinforcements are available to the GM equal to half the combined player squad level rounded up once per mission.

Control: In a control mission, the Player squad must seize control of over half of the objectives on the board before the opposing squad. Players must spend 2 AG to lock down an objective and gain 10 XP for each objective claimed by them at the end of the game. Players may steal an objective from the enemy by first removing the enemy presence from that objective and spending 4AG. Enemy reinforcements are not available to the GM.

Extract: In an extraction mission, there is one central objective guarded by the enemy. Players must remove sufficient enemy presence and call for an extraction. Players may call for an extraction at the start of any turn for 1 AG. An extraction takes 3 turns during which time the players must prevent the extraction vehicle from being destroyed. Extraction vehicles have 5 AP and 1 HP. Player XP from combat is awarded per the normal formula. A successful extraction awards 20 XP to each member of the squad with no penalties if any player was forced to eject. Enemy Reinforcements are available to the GM equal to one half the player squad level rounded up only once the players have called for an extraction.

Survival: In a survival mission, the player squad is assigned one objective located centrally on the map surrounded by terrain. The squad must repel 3 enemy waves of squads no greater than the size of the player squad. If any enemy reaches the objective and it is not guarded by a player, the enemy may spend 2AG to claim it. Player experience from combat is awarded per the normal formula. Successfully defending the objective awards 20 XP to each player with no penalties if any player was forced to eject. Losing the objective awards no bonus XP and Halves Combat XP as though a player were forced to eject. Enemy Reinforcements are available to the GM only once a wave has been destroyed.

2013-02-26, 11:51 AM
S.T.A.G. Achievements
Boom! – Destroy an Enemy mech with a single shot to the head
Rip My Heart Out - Destroy an enemy mech with a single shot to the torso
Two Left Feet – Cripple the legs of an enemy mech
Tis But A Flesh Wound! – Destroy both arms of an enemy mech
Untouchable – Survive any mission type without taking damage (excludes SP)
Undetected – Survive any mission type without allowing an enemy mech to draw line of sight to you
No Big Deal – Survive a fight with only Hp remaining on any limb and without losing a limb
Go Ballistic – Destroy an enemy mech using only Ballistic weapons
Explosive personality - Destroy an enemy mech using only Explosive weapons
Boundless Energy - Destroy an enemy mech using only Energy weapons
Prize Fighter – Destroy two enemy mechs in close combat

Achievement Prize Equipment: each player may only ever have two Achievement prizes

The Scalpel – The Scalpel is a level 5 Energy Weapon which must be wielded in two hands. The player mech may not move before firing this weapon.
This weapon requires the following achievements: Boom!, Boundless Energy, Undetected

The Hammer – The Hammer is a level 5 Explosive Weapon which must be wielded in two hands. The player mech may not move before firing this weapon.
This weapon requires the following achievements: Rip My Heart Out, Explosive Personality, No Big Deal

Flotsam and Jetsam - Flotsam and Jetsam are a pair of level 4 Ballistic weapons which must both be fired in one shooting phase.
This weapon requires the following achievements: Go Ballistic, Tis But A Flesh Wound, Untouchable

Inviolable Aura – Inviolable Aura is a level 5 shield which must be worn on the torso but requires only a level 3 generator. This shield counts as level 3 for the purposes of AP.
This shield requires the following achievements: Untouchable, Prize Fighter

Perpetual Motion Machine - Perpetual Motion Machine is a level 5 generator which counts as level 3 for the purposes of AP. For the purposes of Close Combat, this generator counts as a level 3.
This Generator requires the following achievements: Boundless energy, Untouchable, Prize Fighter

Stealth field generator - Stealth field generator is a piece of equipment which infers a +1 penalty to all enemy lock rolls and a -1 bonus to all player lock avoidance rolls
This equipment requires the following achievements: Undetected, Two Left Feet

2013-02-26, 11:53 AM
Jekyll and Hyde
(2) lvl 4-6 Mechs

Jekyll:Head: No equipment
Torso: Lvl 3 Generator, Lvl 3 Shield
L. Arm: Lvl 3 Shield
R. Arm: Lvl 3 Shield
Legs: Lvl 3 Agility

Hyde:Head: Lvl 3 Targeting
Torso: Lvl 3 Ballistic, Lvl 3 Ballistic
L. Arm: Lvl 3 Ballistic
R. Arm: Lvl 3 Ballistic
Legs: Lvl 3 Ballistic

(1) lvl 6+ mech

Head: Lvl 3 Targeting
Torso: Lvl 3 generator, Lvl 2+ Flight
L. Arm: Lvl 3 Energy
R. Arm: Lvl 3 Shield
Legs: Lvl 3 Agility

Each round spawns 3 Lvl 1 Minion Mechs with no equipment

(1) lvl 9 Mech

Head: Lvl 3 Targeting 6AP
Torso: Lvl 3 Targeting 6AP
L. Arm: Split Lvl 5 Explosive, 4AP
R. Arm: Split Lvl 5 Explosive, 9 AP
Legs: Lvl 3 Ballistic, 6 AP