View Full Version : Profession (Butler) Feats Opinion? 3.5e

2013-02-26, 01:16 PM
So I'm just about to start running a campaign(6th level start) for a smallish group of players, and I've asked them all to provide me with a detailed character back-story for which I am awarding 2 bonus feats each which it would make sense for their character to have. One of them came back to me with a tale of how their Cloistered Cleric was a Butler for a noble family and as part of his training became a disciple of the Demigod Siamophe (FR) of the divine right to rule.

So I got looking and their really aren't many feats based around serving others and specifically around Butling. Some of the other feats given to other characters are things like Leadership (for deposed the heir to the throne) and Daring Outlaw (for the party's professional theif) so I was looking to create something of similar power.

I was wanting your opinions on balance and suitability. Here's what I came up with.

Keep it Clean

Prerequisite: Profession (Butler) 8 ranks, Ability to cast at least one damaging spell with either (Light) or (Positive Energy) descriptors
against undead.

You are compelled to destroy filthy undead who clutter up the place in such a way that you can easily tidy up afterwards.

Benefit: You gain the ability to add an extra 1d4 of damage per level of damaging light or positive energy spell used against undead.
In addition, all undead ferried to their destruction by one of this character's spells immediately crumble into dust.

Special: In order to keep this ability, the Character with this feat must personally see to sweeping up the dust left behind
and putting it into a container until it can be disposed of. Failure to perform this action when able causes the loss of the extra damage ability
for 1d6 days.


Protect and Serve

Prerequisite: Profession (Butler) 8 ranks, Ability to spontaneously cast 2 level or above Cure spells


Your experience in serving your betters has allowed you to become more proficient at helping others and anything they might do both in and out of combat.

Benefit: As long the character has a 2nd level or higher spell available to convert to a cure spell, the character can use an immediate action as a reaction to an ally taking hitpoint damage to use his own positive energy to heal the damage as it is taken. Targeted ally must be within 30' and visible by line of sight. The damage received by the original target is reduced by 75% and the character using this ability takes the full damage that would've been inflicted instead (this damage is untyped).

In addition when Aiding Another, this character provides a +4 circumstance bonus instead of the normal +2.