View Full Version : Tempest Tweak (3.5, PEACH)

2013-02-26, 09:14 PM
Ok, I don't normally attempt homebrew or tweaks to existing classes, but it's been bugging me that Complete Adventurer's Tempest is such a trap. I like the concept of the class despite the poor design, so here's my humble Disable Device check...

This is a pretty minor fix, just intended to remove association with Spring Attack since it's such a horrible tactic for TWF'ers. I don't plan on including a new class table, but if people feel it would be better to include one I'll add it.

Entry requirements: remove Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack. Add Two-Weapon Defense, Combat Reflexes, Double Hit (http://dndtools.eu/feats/miniatures-handbook--75/double-hit--690/). I know Two-Weapon Defense is a bad feat, but it's slightly less bad than Dodge and at least it makes sense with the concept of the class. Combat Reflexes is well-respected for almost any melee build, and has good synergy with the Dex requirements of TWF. Double Hit makes attacks of opportunity stronger, since you can attack with both weapons for each one.

Class Abilities: remove Two-Weapon Spring Attack, add Two-Weapon Pounce (level 5). Just like it sounds, the new capstone is the ability to full attack as part of a charge whenever you're wielding two weapons or a double weapon. I am aware that there are much faster ways to get this ability, but a lot of them involve dipping shenanigans or are severely limited in which weapons you can use them with.

So there it is. Not a super-powerful change, definitely, but hopefully it at least brings the class from "oh gods, why would anyone do this?" to a playable option. Does it accomplish that goal? Does it need more? Less? PEACH.