View Full Version : 3.5 rule tweak: Minor Milestone

2013-02-26, 09:37 PM
The Dresden Files RPG introduced me to the idea of a minor milestone-- an event occurring between major advancement points intended to keep the character from being totally static. It's a really nice idea, methinks, for a system like D&D, where mechanical change only occurs every few sessions. So...

Minor Milestone
At the end of every session, players may take one of the following options for their character:

Retrain one feat for a related feat-- an archery feat for an archery feat, a metamagic feat for a metamagic feat, and so on. The GM is the arbiter of whether or not a feat is related.
Redistribute a certain number of skill points-- the character's Intelligence modifier or the base number of skill points he gets each time he levels up, whichever is higher. Normal caps on skill ranks still apply.
Exchange one spell known for an equal-leveled spell of the same school. (spontaneous casters only)

Major Milestone
When characters level up, in addition to the benefits of their new level, players may exercise each Minor Milestone option once.

2013-02-26, 10:59 PM
Seems like a nice rule; it'll also help balance somewhat and make things easier for newbies.