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Pandoras Folly
2013-02-28, 01:53 PM
So I and another party member are going to be out of town next weekend. Party is up for skyping in or something, dm id also ok.

Does anyone have experience remotly playing with a live group?

Any tools that might help.

highspeed internet and multiple computers/ laptops available, plenty of computer skills All Around.

2013-02-28, 02:03 PM
Iíve done it, and it can work well.

If this is a live game and youíre just skyping in for one evening. Then all youíll need is a laptop with a mic (a camera is optional but nice) and skype (internet connection is obvious), fairly powerful speakers is nice too, sometimes it gets noisy at the table and the skyping person gets drowned out. Note, Skype charges for video conference calls between 3 or more people, two I believe is free however.

But if the game is completely digital (that is EVERYONE is on Skype), then youíll need some sort of digital table top, maptools or some other program.

2013-02-28, 02:12 PM
I've been running a game over skype since before Christmas, it's quite doable and even sometimes necessary (In my case, half the players are on a different continent).

Check out http://roll20.net/ it's a great online map tool.

Pandoras Folly
2013-02-28, 04:01 PM
Thanks guys!

2013-02-28, 04:24 PM
if you have gmail, you can video chat between 3+ people though the size and quality of it isnt great.

If you don't plan on using video, then Skype is the way to go.