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2013-03-01, 10:48 AM
World building can be hard work. It can take time, effort and dedication. Sometimes, we don't have that time, or can't expend that effort but still want to run a game in a setting other then the published ones. Usually ends up in a sandbox game where the world is developed as the game is played. Inevitably, however, somebody will ask about the half-built setting's Gods. They want to play a cleric or devout character, but don't know what deities there are. Some DMs may pull deities from pre-built settings and call it a day while others may opt to allow the player of the cleric/devout character to make their own God/Goddess to worship.

While those are valid solutions, I wanted to give DMs another option. Thus, I have created this thread. The Sacred Library will be a constantly-updated thread in which each week I will post up one or more pre-made deities that can be fit into any setting. I will not be giving stats to these deities because it is my personal belief that deities should be beyond player reach. I never liked how deities where given(often times poor) statblocks. However, what I will give is fluff that is generic enough to fit any setting, domains, feats and alternate class features for clerics of these deities(and sometimes other worshipers as well) and every once in a while a PrC connected to one of the deities here. I will also give tips on how to adapt these deities to certain kind of settings, to yet again make their use more seamless. I will also be posting both 3.5e AND Pathfinder ACs, domain lists ect.. for these deities. Anyway, a list of all the currently created deities can be found below...

The Sacred Library


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(NOTES: If I double post, it is simply to add more content to this thread's collection of deities and homebrew. Also, the first deity will be posted either later today or at some point tomorrow.)