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2013-03-02, 03:40 AM
Hi i want to post fun magic items here, anyone else is allowed to as well, I will start with...
brown cube ioun stone:
this large ioun stone is a brown cube and it floats around the users head. Once a day the cube can suddenly open at the top and summon a swarm of bats as a standard action, as the summon swarm spell
Cost: 12000 GP Cost to create 6000 GP+240XP Caster level 3 summon swarm

2013-03-04, 02:36 AM
The Barbarians best friend: Steel Great Axe of Antimagic.

No super powers, no flaming world destroying attacks. It's just an axe. which can cut through magical defenses and magical attack.

Completely impervious to magical detections and attacks..
Can cut through magical defenses and damage magical weapons as if they were non magical.
Holder of the weapon is not affected by the antimagic of the weapon.

2013-03-04, 09:32 AM
Here are a couple I've used in various campaigns before.

Floodgate: A glass bottle wrapped in aged leather strips. Floodgate cannot be openned or broken by normal means. Once a command word is spoken, the top pops open and water starts gushing out- gushing with such force and speed that unless the holder succeeds at a DC 12 str check it is ripped from his hands. Floodgate will continue to spray high pressure water to the amount of 40 litres (10.5 gallons) per round. The force of the spray can bullrush opponents. It's modifier is +10 and functions as a medium creature. The flow of water can be increased or decreased, from a normal decanter of endless water to a blast so powerful it requires a DC 20 str check to hold, sprays 200 litres (52.8 gallons) per round, and gets a +30 to bullrush (as a large creature). Another command word closes floodgate. If left to spray water, it will fill the area it is in at its current setting until the pressure increases to 10% above normal or 24 hours, whichever comes first.

The Rod of Conjunction: A simple brass rod with quartz on either end. It is hollow and filled with a mysterious liquid that sometimes boils when used. The Rod of Conjuntion combines spell effects as they are being cast to create new effects, or can combine ongoing spell effects to make them harder to dispel. The first function of the rod is largely DM Fiat- a large and fun part of my games. For example, a Shield and Fireball spell could be combined into an Explosive Shield- once struck, the shield may explode with a wave of fire. Or perhaps Disguise Self and Obscuring Mist: anyone within the mist comes out looking like someone (or something) different.
The second function combines two spell effects into a single ongoing effect. The DC to dispel or suppress a combined spell has a DC equal to the higher level DC + 1/2 spell level (Min 1) of the other spell + 1 per additional spell after the first. For example, a Shield spell and a Bull's Strength spell are cast by the same caster and then combined. The caster's level is 5. The normal DC to dispel either is 15- after combining them it becomes 17 but requires only 1 check instead of 2. This function is useful with multiple casters in a party or to stack so many effects it becomes hard to dispel any of them at all. Also, it does not change durations on spells, so a mage armour/shield spell hybrid would be reduced to mage armour after the shield spell's duration expired.

2013-03-04, 09:42 AM
these are cool :D and also I have started a new thread (which has a LOT more of mine) because I thought this was getting no replies :smallredface:
so go into my extended sig and go to the link under magic items if you want to see many more awesome ones from my D&D tumblr blog (link to that is also in the other thread