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2013-03-02, 11:00 AM
Roughly how far would adventurers travel when riding on horseback, everyday, for about three months? I'm using it to gauge the size of my world. Thanks!

2013-03-02, 11:22 AM
Are they stopping now and then, or spending 3 months on the road every day? That's some hard travel.

It would depend on terrain, but 20 miles per day is pretty reliable. Funnily enough, it doesn't matter much whether it's on horseback or on foot - given that horses are bad at broken terrain, and aren't that good at riding long distances (if you ride them faster than a walk, they need a lot of rest).

This can vary a lot, though, based on group size, terrain, motivation, endurance, etc. 30 miles per day is certainly possible, but so is 10 miles per day or less.

At 20 miles per day, that'd be 1800 miles. At 30 miles per day, it'd be 2400 miles. For comparison, from Paris to Moscow in a straight line is ~1600 miles.

(Just in case, 1 mile ~= 1.6 km)

2013-03-02, 11:29 AM
Great, thanks for that! The size of the world then is perfect.