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2013-03-02, 05:10 PM
The Stitched
"Please don't be alarmed. Really, I'm just like you... maybe with a few more cravings for grass. Stomping Hoof, Bison-Stitched Warrior.

The Stitched are odd for a race-- partially in that they used to be of a different race. Stitched are humans, half-elves, or halflings that sometime before their 21st birthday vanished. Later, usually within a day, they reappeared... changed. They gain some traits matching that of an animal-- perhaps scaly arms and a tail, perhaps large, odd eyes and feathery legs. Almost no two transformations are the same, but everyone agrees it's an odd, not to mention disturbing, occurrence.

Society: Stitches are a largely unexplained phenomenon. Some believe it is strange creatures performing experiments, some believe it the wrath of god, some believe it curses. However, it is largely random and as such Stitches are usually not together with many of their own kind. Some stay with their families, some are shunned, and some go wandering on their own. In larger cities, some will tend to group together to defend themselves against intolerance or hatred from others, but in smaller towns Stitches usually stay with their families and keep their heads down.

Biology: Stitches are changed irrevocably from their creation. They take on many traits of the animal they are stitched with-- For instance, a Lion Stitched will gain the ability to eat raw meat, and also gain more of a tendency towards predatory interactions, while a Sheep Stitched will shy away from meat and generally become more cowardly and docile. Stitches vary from person to person, so it is often hard to tell exactly how one will live.

Racial Relations: Stitches are generally either feared or hated by Humans. Since the majority of Stitches used to be human, this is an issue for them. Most other races either see them as an interesting oddity (Gnomes, Elves), another weird race that they should just deal with (Dwarves, Halflings), or just an odd-looking thing to smash (Orcs)


A/N: These stats should be put together primarily based on what animal the player wishes to be stitched with.

Hardy Stitch: +2 Con and another appropriate stat, -2 Cha. Most Stitches are tough and have some other talent, but are awkward and often ugly.

(More to come when I recover my notes)
Alternate Traits

Frail Stitch: +2 Cha and another appropriate stat, -2 Con. Some stitches posses an almost unearthly beauty, but these tend to be frail and slim.