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2006-11-12, 04:29 PM
In my country there is a very popular gaming world called "TORMENTA" or "torment" or something like "great storm". Whatever.
This will be the first one of a serie of material for that world. Hope you guys can enjoy it. (of course, if you want to know, it's like eberron, without the tecnomagic)


In the world of Torment, a long war happened because three gods dared to steal the power of all of other 17th gods and thus making a new pantheon. The plan failed and the three rebels got punished: the goddes of humans, Valkária got imprisioned in a giant statue of herself until her "beloved" humans defeated the 20 trials inside it. Tillian, the god of Mind became a simple human, indestructible by any means with his mind imprisioned in a body where the madness are in control. The last one got the hardest punishment: his own name became a taboo and even the other gods don't speak his name. He was imprisioned in a lost continent in the material plane, with milions of monsters guarding the entrace, with his deitic power removed and frozen to eternity. They only remind about him as the Third, the most powerfull among all of other gods.

All his creation got splitted amoung the other gods: the Nagahs went to the nature goddess; the Ancient Elemental Dragons went to the god of monsters; and so on. But one race, praticaly half of the strength of this god, scaped: the Metalsoul.

This race have the unique ability to transform into a indestructible weapon with the most feared power: the power to nullfill the imortality and surpass any deitic powers. Against this race, the gods almost lost the war.

The motive of this race to disapear are unknow, but some say the source power of their invencible ability are they god, and since he became a lost soul they lost their powers, but the truth is still unknow. Only one sword are still around with a young man, still ignorant about his sword true power.

The Metalsoul are a race of living metalic creatures, that can be used to usualy create swords (altough others bladed weapons are possible the swords are the most common choice).

Physical Description
They looks like humans in his early times but after researching a adulthood they search for making a "contract" with some valuable warrior and after a ritual, they became a weapon desired of their new partner. The weapons will always shine like a holy weapon and the human form will always be a realy beautifull woman or man, with 1,75m~1,90m the male and 1,68~1,80 the female ones, weighing about 100~300 kg.
They can reproduce only with their race at one time for every 50 years. Except for those traits and the immortality, they are treated as if are just normal humans.
Vary, usualy depending of the type of weapon it became: daggers are usualy timid or tracerous, swords are loyal, etc. But all of then will be loyal to his new partner unless it defies the will of his god.
Hated by 14 of the 17 gods that fough in the war, this race are hunt by any cleric of then as "unholy aberrations". Even back that, the only relations they has was just with his own kind, his god and his partner.
All except evil. But against the 14 gods, powers such "detect evil", "smite evil" and similars will be detected as "EVIL".
None. They once lived in the plane of his god, now lost forever.
They only workship their god, but have good relations with Valkária, goddess of humans; Glórienn, goddess of the elves; Winna, goddess of magic and Tenebra goddess of darkness.
The long lost language of their home plane, but they can understand any language.
None by thenself. Just with his partner.

Racial Traits:
Metalsouls can't be used as playable race

Medium Creature
Imortality: Metalsouls can't die unless by another Metalsoul or his god, they can be wounded horever.
Wounding: If his new partner try to use the weapon to do something against the weapon alignment or to chalenge his god the weapon breaks and become inactive (altough the weapon are not "dead"). To be restored it need some very rare materails.

Artifact Powers

Nullfilling Imortality
Against weapon sword, any creature have a max. of 500 hp, were any DR are nullfilled. Any ability that prevent any oponent to die simply won't work, such regeneration, resurect efects and others, natural or magical, divine or arcane. The weapon don't give any furter special damage from this ability.

Strenght growth
If the partner desire the sword can become more powerfull. These powers stach with the ones from previous masters.

Default power: attack modifier +1, damage 2d8 + (size modifier), secondary power: none.

Chose one.
Spending 5000 xp: +1 attack modifier (max. +5); +1 damage (max. +10);
After +5 attack modifier: 6000 x current attack modifier.
After +10 damage: 8000x current attack modifier.

Spending 10000 xp: Change one size categoty.
Secondary power: 15000 xp each: Add fire or cold or eletric or sonic damage to the weapon (chose one every time, it can be turned off if necessary); regeneration of 1 hp of the hielder by 15 minutes and each instance of this power halves the time need to regenerate; personal artifact: if anyother person try to use it without the autorization of the current master the weapon start to deal 1d12 that surpass any DR to him and none of the weapon powers works (each buy of this power add +1d12 of damage); power corruption: at every 10 points of damage dealt, one point are taken from the max hp of the oponent.


hope you guy enjoy it.