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2006-11-12, 05:05 PM
This was my first attempt to create a new Base Race, since I wanted a Large one. Let me know where I messed up :smallsmile:


Personality: Sehtians are often described as “stone-faced”. They are often stoic around others. They’re easy to anger and slow to forgive. They see friendship as an eternal bond and so, rarely proclaim it. They are as susceptible to vices as humans and fall into all kinds of them.

Physical Description: The typical Sehtian male stands at 7 to 8 feet, Females at 6 to 7 feet. They both weigh between 120 and 190 pounds. They are both lean and wiry with shoulder only as broad as humans. They’re skin ranges from deeply tan to the more common reddish brown. They have no hair on they’re head except for eyebrows almost uniformly black. They’re eyes are slit pupil like a cat and range from ordinary colors to ambers to the common yellow. They favor animal hides died to neutral earth colors, though soft fabrics are a type of treasure to them. They are considered adults at 30 and typically live to 250 years of age.

Relations: they get along well with elves and half-elves because of they’re nature affiliation. They hate orc’s due to the orc’s destructive tendencies. They are distrustful of dwarves because of the way they “rip at the earth” but once they get to know them they usually become allies due to the dwarves fighting abilities, which the Sehtians admire. Though they have no particular problem with gnomes or halflings the same isn’t true for the gnomes and halflings. They dislike the fact that Sehtians often make rude comments about their height. The one people who the Sehtians will almost always hate are the humans, due to the colonization of the gate region driving them to the isle of Emos.

Alignment: Due to their now nomadic, free existence, they tend to chaos. They may be good or evil, even lawful.

Sehtian Land: Though they now only live in the wooded hills on the small isle of Emos in the endless sea, they used to live in the lands of gat as well. They’re was rumor of tribes as far as mount egre on the plains of Sohlamaniea. They now occupy all lands living a nomadic existence known as traders.
Sehtians sent to human lands occupy all kinds of jobs. Prominent among them is trader and manual labor.

Religion: though their are oddballs in every race, Sehtians almost unanimously worship nature the sun and totem animals. They don’t even recognize gods of nature.

Names: Sehtian names are unusual. Many old fashioned families still name they’re children from events that happened at their birth. Now about half of them name them actual names. It has been causing much internal strife among the tribes even a few fights. They have no family names. They can change they’re names if the tribe forces them.
Male Names: Running-deer, Falling-Leaf, Angry-Hawk, Koru, Talc, Mun.
Female Names: Teba, Rael, Forst, Spotted-Fox, Sparrow-Among-Stars, Minnow-On-Land.

Adventures: Sehtians most often adventure for knowledge. They love to now more of nature and the lands. They also go for wanderlust. Or treasure. Or fame. Or just about any reason.

Sehtian Racial Traits:
 +2 Strength, -2 intelligence: Though uneducated they are strong and capable of great feats of strength
 Large size: as large size they have a –1 to ac and –1 to attack. They must have a –4 penalties to hide checks. However they handle weapons as large size..
 Sehtian base speed is 30 feet
 Proficient with Falchions and Longbows
 +5 racial bonus to spot and search checks
 Automatic languages: Common and Sylvan
 Favored class: Druid, do to their affinity to nature they often take the druidic path but suffer no penalties for falchions and longbows

2006-11-12, 05:19 PM
1. Learn you grammars so youre race doesnt look like this. Specifically, I noticed a whole lot of misplaced apostrophes ("orc's", for instance) and some generally poor wording or misplaced commas. Nothing major such that the work becomes impossible to understand, but enough so as to be glaring and irritating.
2. I'd argue against the -2 Int. Intelligence doesn't represent education, it represents the ability to be educated. This race doesn't seem honestly unintelligent when it comes to book-larnin', like the orcs.
3. I don't know how heavily Native American based this is supposed to be, so this might be irrelevant, but, the Falchion isn't a Native American Weapon. We didn't even use swords, widely. Handaxes, throwing axes, spears, longbows, and various bludgeons were all used, but of all things, the Falchion? Second, Native Americans are not that large. I'm a large part Native American and ston't stand an inch over 5'7" for a fully grown male. Out of shoes, I'm actually more like 5'6", I'd imagine. I would go for a Wis or Con bonus over strength, Medium size, and Cha penalty.
4. Ranger over druid for favoured class.

2006-11-12, 05:30 PM
1. sorry about the grammer.

2. Perhaps I described it poorly by saying uneducated. They are truely unintelligent.

3. Not that heavily, only slightly and that is more about culture, not gameplay specifics.

4. I am thinking about making it split along the gender line like drow are. Ranger for males and druid for females.