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No brains
2013-03-03, 11:16 PM
I'm playing 2e and by a fun quirk I can buy languages for 1 skill point using the skill/ character points in Skills in Powers. What languages can and should I learn? Does every race have it's own language like in AD&D or are there blanket languages like in 3.5? I had the idea that I should learn the languages of smart, often neutral creatures so that I can better ascertain if they are enemies or allies. Any suggestions?

2013-03-04, 01:39 AM
A lot depends on the game world. I know that the Forgotten Realms boxed set had a TON of languages in a side box. Dark Sun had fewer languages.

Generally, assume that each "heading" of monster has its own language. Gnome will let you speak to leprechauns and most svirfneblin. Dwarf will cover most kinds of dwarves.

Most of all? Ask your DM.