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Stake A Vamp
2013-03-04, 05:26 PM
so, i am playing a character in a LARP. and my character is a seasoned adventurer with a thousand stories. and i am running out, so here are some stories i am composing that i thought i would share with you, most of the ones i intend to share are about monsters that belong to other play-grounders, who will be credited when the creature is used.

"so there i was, my blade was lodged in a cactus , and a dire wombat was advancing towards me, and as i later found out, those small rodents i had chased off from my campsite were its children. i cannot lash out, my sword is stuck in a cactus, so i do the only thing i can, drop down and try not to look like a threat. my pack ruined the illusion, then i remembered, my pack, i had some rations the natives had packed for me, after i agreed to slay the winged wight of pious peak. among those rations was apocalypse pie, a dire wombats favorite meal. I grabbed the pie and threw it with all my strength., the wombat followed the pie, and i had time to free my sword and run."

dire wombat based on Wombat of Doom (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13402749&postcount=686)
apocalypse pie based on well, apocalypse pie (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13928438&postcount=633)

Jack of Spades
2013-03-04, 06:24 PM
Congrats on finding the most fun character archetype to play :smallbiggrin:
Tall Tales Guy is always a blast.

2013-03-04, 06:45 PM
The man with a shaggy dog does require some improvisation, but you have learned already that the best improv is rehearsed. :smallcool:

I suggest you look up some classic shaggy dog stories and rework them. Humour is always good.

Figgin of Chaos
2013-03-05, 04:10 AM
Nice story, but mostly I just want to give you thumbs-up for LARPing. Stay adventurous.