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2013-03-05, 10:37 PM
I've come upon an interesting situation. My fighter/warblade/beatstick in the game I'm currently playing in takes a bit after samurai lore in that he also appreciates a more peaceful pastime than crushing skulls. Namely, he relishes the serenity of a day spent fishing. However, as an adventurer, his ideas of serenity and relaxation differ a bit from the norm, and he's taken to using the party's travels as a means to pursue ever more exotic and challenging aquatic game.

Our DM has taken a liking to this idea, and would like to come up with a way to make that process a bit more interesting than simply, "Roll a Proffession (Fisherman) check. You caught a striper. Yay." He's happy with the idea of using some of my character's catches as accidental or purposeful monster encounters, such as dire catfish, sharks, or reefclaws and such. My question for the playground is how best to implement a somewhat more involved system of fishing.

Knee-jerk reaction on my part is to use a sort of ranged variant of the grappling rules, with perhaps Bluff, Survival, or Prof(Fishing) as a skill check required to lure fish into a baited line, opposed by their Survival or Sense Motive checks. The next question that comes to mind is what creatures would be most interesting in this context? Aboleths, despite the name of this post, I think would be too intelligent to even consider as fishing targets, but I am looking for some others to spice things up with. Kraken, megalodon, sea serpents, etc.

2013-03-05, 11:50 PM
This poster on Enworld had some good ideas that you might want to implement.
See: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?302452-Fishing-rules-for-3-5&p=5487042&viewfull=1#post5487042