View Full Version : Stalwart Pillar (of Pholtus) [3.5 PrC PEACH]

2013-03-06, 02:18 AM
Another good god's PrC. An another easy-entry full caster with deliberately weak class features.

Stalwart Pillar

No matter the danger
No matter the temptation
No matter the cost
I will stay true
To the good and the right

Alignment: Lawful Good
Spellcasting: 2nd level divine spells
Concentration: 8 ranks
Special: must have taken an oath and kept it at major risk or cost to oneself

10002Aura of Steadfastness +1; Immunity to Fear; Remember Law+1 of existing divine class
21003Detect Evil and Chaos+1 of existing divine class
32113Aura of Steadfastness +2; Immunity to Charm+1 of existing divine class
43114Comprehend Languages+1 of existing divine class
53114Aura of Steadfastness +3; Immunity to Weariness+1 of existing divine class
64225Aligned Weapons+1 of existing divine class
75225Aura of Steadfastness +5; Immunity to Compulsion+1 of existing divine class
86226Discern Lies+1 of existing divine class
96336Adamantine Will+1 of existing divine class
107337Dispel Evil and Chaos+1 of existing divine class

Hit die: d10
Skills: 2+int
Class Skills: Concentration, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge(history), Knowledge(religion), Knowledge(planes), Sense Motive, Spellcraft

Aura of Steadfastness(su): A stalwart pillar and all allies within 30 feet receive a sacred bonus to all will saves.

Immunity to Fear(su): A stalwart pillar is immune to all fear effects, be they natural or magical.

Remember Law(ex): As stalwart pillars are often asked to serve as judges, they develop an extraordinary memory. A stalwart pillar can recite word-for-word any code of law, code of conduct, or oath which she has read or heard.

Detect Evil and Chaos(su): A stalwart pillar can always see auras of evil and chaos, as if in the third round of the detect evil and detect chaos spells, except that they never overwhem her.

Immunity to Charm(su): A stalwart pillar is immune to all spells and similar abilities with the Charm descriptor.

Comprehend Languages(su): A stalwart pillar understands all languages, spoken and written. This does not enable her to speak or write them.

Immunity to Weariness(su): A stalwart pillar is immune to magical weariness, and suffers no mental effects from mundane weariness.

Aligned Weapons(su): All weapons a stalwart pillar wields (including unarmed strikes) are treated as good and lawful for purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Immunity to Compulsion(su): A stalwart pillar is immune to all spells and similar abilities with the Compulsion descriptor.

Discern Lies(su): A stalwart pillar can tell when someone within her sight deliberately lies by the fluctuation of the lier's aura. A will save (dc 10 + class level + wis mod) conceals the fluctuation.

Adamantine Will(su): A stalwart pillar is immune to any effect that allows a will save, unless she wishes to be affected.

Dispel Evil and Chaos(su): A stalwart pillar is surrounded by a constant blue and white protective aura, as if under the effects of simultaneous Dispel Evil and Dispel Chaos spells. The effects do not stack when dealing with chaotic evil creatures.